Patriotic Door Banner -

Patriotic USA Door Banner

I absolutely love patriotic decor. I do not know what it is about the red, white, and blue; stars and stripes; but they get me every time.  I recently made a trip to Target and spent all my monies on red white and blue.  And then I found out that I am in good company […]

Craft Stash Giveaway 2015 -

Craft Stash Giveaway

You guys know that I love me some craft supplies!  I have a ton in my studio.  It makes it so convenient to start a project right when inspiration strikes… I do not know how I still spend so much money at the craft store each month though! haha. But since I am in major […]

How to never lose your child's favorite stuffed animal -

How to Never Lose Your Child’s Favorite Stuffed Animal Again

  My daughter has a precious little pup that is 100% irreplaceable. She adores this dog.  She cannot sleep without him.  When she is hurt or feeling sad she asks for him.  Does your little one have a special lovey like that?  If so, then you know how frightening it can be to think of […]

illistyle oils welcome kit -

What Comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (Unboxing Video)

If you are anything like me you like to see what you are getting before you buy.  I love to go to youtube and see unboxing videos of items I am considering buying.  So I made you guys a little video of what comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit so you can see […]

Pineapple Washi Tape Cards -

Washi Tape Pineapple Card

I love washi tape.  I love that it is temporary, so you can make something awesome and trendy and then change it up if you get tired of the pattern or decide the color isn’t for you any longer.  It’s like a commitment-phobes BFF. I also love to use it for making cards.  One of […]

Lemon Wreath -

Lemon Wreath

One thing I love about living in Southern California is all the fresh produce.  Every month of the year brings something wonderful to the table.  Starting around Christmas and going until late spring is citrus season. Oranges, cuties, and lemons abound. I love cooking with and eating the citrusy goodness.  The smell is divine and […]

portable phone charger -

Blog Conference Essentials – What to pack and what to leave at home

  I am headed out to SNAP tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. SNAP is a craft bloggers conference held every spring in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you have ever been with hundreds of people who share your passions then you know how excited I am right now. My passions include crafts and […]

`How to choose a side table -

4 Steps to Choosing the right Accent Table

Whether you call it an accent table, an end table, or a side table, those little tables that fit nicely into small spaces can be tricky to choose. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an accent table, but I have four steps to choosing the right accent table that will make your job […]