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Ava’s Birthday Aftermath

Thank you to Delta for sponsoring this post Hello loves and Happy Friday! It’s one of my favorite days of the week because I look forward to Saturday with my family.  Last Saturday was Ava’s 5th Birthday party. It was a blast.  But sometimes I am amazed at the mess a party can bring.  Especially […]


Add a little love to your lunchbox with these printable notes

Hi everyone, it’s Stephanie from Slogan Adventures! Did your kids start school the past couple of weeks?  My nugget just started a toddler program last week and as much as she loves it, it’s definitely an adjustment period for her! I thought for the monthly printable why not share some printable lunch box notes that […]

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Caffeinated Crafters Link Party #13

The series premiere of Doctor Who just happened and if you guys don’t know, I am a nerd. I know you totally shocked… especially if you have seen this pinterest board dedicated strictly to all things in my fandoms. OMG 2004 April is hanging her head in shame of what I have become, but 2014 […]

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Coffee Lovers Giveaway with Coffee-mate

Happy Friday my loves! This week has been super nuts.  Camp ended last Friday and school started on Monday.  This Saturday we are celebrating this beautiful girl’s 5th birthday: Oh yeah. This girl. She keeps me on my toes.  And in order to prep for her bday I have spent all week getting my craft […]

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Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway

The Ultimate Silhouette Giveaway Hosted by: Silhouette America & The Pinning Mama & illistyle    Oh all my dear sweet readers.  I love you so SO much.  I am so stoked to be hosting this Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway. I recently won a Silhouette CAMEO in a blog giveaway (much like the one you are reading at […]

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HUGE Bosch Mixer and Baking Supplies Giveaway

You guys! Welcome to the first of three giveaways this week and this one is a DOOZY – enter below for a chance to win a Bosch Mixer and Baking Supplies Giveaway, including: Bosch Mixer w/ Bowl, Lid, Splash Ring Wire Whips Dough Hook Metal Driver and Cookie Paddles Bowl Scraper Bosch Blender PLUS Baking Supplies: […]