How to install window trim -

How to repair interior window sills damaged by dogs

The huge front picture window of our home needed some love because we have a curious German Shepherd, Kara, who is constantly putting her paws up there as she conducts Neighborhood Watch.  This has meant our builder-grade window casings (just texture and paint right over the metal flashing) were torn up and dirty.  So we […]


How to make mini pom poms

If you guys have ever seen those cute little teeny tiny pom poms and thought, “How do I make those?”  I am here to tell you: “easily.”  Making mini pom poms is a breeze.  Here’s how to make mini pom poms: You will need: Yarn (any color you want) Yarn Needle A Fork Here’s how […]

THree ways to wear buffalo plaid -

Buffalo Plaid Styled Three Ways

Plaid is one of the most iconic patterns of the Fall season, and buffalo plaid just may be the hottest version this year. From scarves to dresses to tops, it’s everywhere! But are you wondering how to make it work in your wardrobe? I’ve got three style ideas for you! 1. Layered with a scarf Keep it simple […]

Caffeinated Crafters Link Party -

Caffeinated Crafters Link Party #21

Hi Everyone! Thank you for joining us again to showing off all of your awesome DIY and crafting ideas. Can you believe Halloween is just right around the corner? We can’t. Time is flying by. Here are some amazing Halloween ideas to inspire you: We love this Candy Corn Trivets that would make any Halloween party […]

How to make an Animated GIF in photoshop -

How to Make a GIF in Photoshop

Hey guys!  Recently I posted my How to Make a Tissue Paper Tassel Banner tutorial, along with this sweet GIF. FYI: I made that.  The banner.  And the GIF. Obviously I am feeling real good about myself right now.  I used to be intimidated by making GIFs, but they are easy, lemme show you how […]

Honest Kids Juice + $100 Visa Gift Card -

Honest Kids Juice + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Happy Friday! To celebrate the start of the weekend I thought we could all use some love: here’s your chance to win not only a $100 Visa Gift Card but also a month’s supply of Honest Kids organic juice pouches that are perfect for those school lunches. Moms, you know you love it because your […]

Halloween Party Pumpkin Dishes -

A Vintage Pumpkin Carving Halloween Party

  You guys know that I throw a Pumpkin Carving Party every year (if you want to learn how, check out the posts here, here, and here).  This will be our 11th annual Pumpkin Carving Party.  Most years we have been without a theme… other than “Pumpkin,” ya know.  But this year I went all […]

pick me up printable

Maya Angelou Free Pick Me Up Printable

Happy Wednesday! It’s Stephanie from Slogan Adventures with your monthly printable Does anyone else feel like they are been busy busy with no down time and time is just going to keep on moving and moving and probably go through the holidays?! I was going to share another holiday printable, I will next month for […]