How to make your own Ribbon Spools

Hi illistyle readers! It’s me Danielle from Glitter Bug. When I started my Etsy shop I had to obviously buy supplies. Those supplies started to stack up and since our office/craft room is FAR from complete it began to pile up everywhere – all over the current desk, on the broken computer chair we haven’t yet thrown out and of course ALL over the floor. So now instead of clear and empty waiting for its makeover it looks like a tornado tore through.

In an effort to get the ball rolling on storage solutions for when we can finally afford to finish that room (hopefully before we move next June!) I have started brainstorming easy, affordable (or free DIY solutions and this is the first one of the lot. Since I sell hair accessories it’s obviously that I need to have copious amounts of elastic on hand for orders and new designs. Unfortunately that said elastic comes all bundled neatly in its envelope – which in theory is fine except that when you use some of it it becomes harder and harder to keep it in that neatly wound bundle. So I needed a solution. Normally I’d hit up Pinterest but with the lack of people needing elastic storage it was pretty scarce over there. I eventually settled on spools to hold the elastic but couldn’t find any for a reasonable price so I decided to make my own which turned out to be easier than I thought!!

I’ve been considering re-doing these spools with 3mm MDF but with the thickness of the cardboard I used I’m kind of leaving that one on the back burner for the time being as these guys hold very well. And the best thing is they were FREE!! Yep FREE!!! Everything I used I already had on hand so it was a quick, free and easy DIY that fixed my problem of messy piles of elastic. So here are my DIY Ribbon Spools!! Or in my case DIY Elastic Spools! Below you will find the tutorial for how to make your own ribbon spools:

You’ll Need

Cardboard box – I used the cardboard from a set of sheets.
Toilet paper rolls – I used 2
Circle template
Hot glue gun
glue sticks
Ribbon or Elastic

1. Grab your cardboard, I used two pieces of cardboard from a set of sheets. I pinched it from my aunts house! It’s a medium weight cardboard with the ridges visible from one side. Make a circle template on Microsoft Word – my circle is 9cm across each way. Trace the circle onto your cardboard as many times as you need. You’ll need 2 circles per spool. Cut them out.

2. Grab one of your toilet paper (paper towel rolls) and mark the widths of your elastic/ribbon. For my needs I made 6 – 19mm widths, 5 – 10mm widths and 1 – 28mm widths. Determine your widths by measuring the width of your elastic/ribbon.

3. Grab your hot glue gun and run a thin line around the edge of the toilet paper roll and press firmly but gently onto the center of your cardboard circle. Run more glue around the top edge of the toilet paper and place the 2nd circle on the center just like you did with the last one.

4. Repeat with all your circles!
Now you’ve made a bunch of pretty cardboard spools!! Now just wrap your ribbon or elastic around the spools and pop them away for storage!! I know it seems like a lot of steps but really they aren’t that difficult to make and when you make a bunch of them at once it’s a lot of repetition and it’s great work to do while watching a movie!! Plus when the cost is NOTHING a few repeated steps are more than okay with me!!

I love my new DIY Ribbon/Elastic Spools and I can’t wait to work out something to put them into for permanent storage. I was considering a dowel but having to take them all off when I need to use one seems like an annoying hassle. Stay tuned for more DIY storage ideas on my blog as I work my way through the process of cleaning, designing and organising our office/craft room.

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illistyle Craft Stash Giveaway

Big Craft Giveaway -
The tools of my trade include scissors, hot glue, glitter, ribbon, and felt.  To name a few.  I seriously love me some craft supplies.  I never know when inspiration will strike and I need Rit Dye,  or some cute mini clothes pins, or hot pink card stock.  If you love craft supplies too then you literally need to sit down.  If you are sitting then go ahead and brace yourself, no really, this is big.  30+ bloggers are GIVING AWAY craft supplies. Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win the illistyle craft stash giveaway:
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Free Printable bible verse Psalm 33:4 -   101 Birthday Ideas for Friends 3   DIY Floral Headbands -

Psalm 33:4 Printable   101+ $5 Birthday Gift Ideas   DIY Floral Headband Tutorial

DIY Floral Headbands

DIY Floral Headbands -

Hello my loves! I just want to thank our sponsor, Arrow Fastener, for inspiring this post… I have been busy busy lately! And it is all good!  Today I wanted to share with the how I made these super sweet DIY floral headbands. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 3 pieces of Wrapped Floral Wire
2. Wire Nippers
3. Faux Flowers
4. 1/2″ wide Gross Grain Ribbon
5. Scissors
6. Hot Glue Gun (this is mine)


1. We want to start by making a frame for our flowers to be secured to. Wrap one piece of floral wire very loosely around a second piece (as shown below, left.) The wire may be difficult to wrap and want to lay flat on the table, this is good, you want it to lay flat on the table so it will lay flat against your head.

DIY Floral Headbands -

2. Slide the third piece of floral wire through the openings (as shown above, right)

3. Wrap the entire frame around your head were you would like the band to sit, shaping the wire into a semi-circle.

4. Trim end of each side with wire nippers, as needed to create even edges. Set frame aside.

5. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon approximately 2-3″ long.

How to make Floral Headbands -

6. Using hot glue, secure ribbon around base of each side to cover ends of wire and protect the wearer from harm.

How to make Floral Headbands -

7. Using wire nippers, cut flowers from stems, cut as close to bloom as possible. Set aside.

How to make Floral Headbands -

8. Cut felt circles that will be large enough to cover the green area on the back of each flower.

How to make Floral Headbands -

9. Using your hot glue gun, place a large dollop of glue on the back of a single flower. Place headband, upside down, onto flower and quickly place a circle of felt over the headband and exposed hot glue on the back of the flower.

Floral Headband Tutorial -

10. Repeat until all flowers are secure.

11. Wear that bad boy with wild hippy abandon!

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial -

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial -

DIY Floral Headbands -

Would you wear one of these?

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DIY Fireworks Napkins -   How-to-keep-upholstery-white-SQUARE   finished wreath fourth of july

Fireworks Napkins   How to Keep Upholstery White   Patriotic Wreath

Free 4th of July Printable

Happy Friday! You know what else would go with those super cute DIY firework napkins for your 4th of July tablescape? That’s right, a free 4th of July Printable :)

My country ’tis of thee was always one of my most favorite patriotic songs so I decided to make that the focus of my printable.  I can still remember singing it in school! Since it was considered one of the national anthems until the “The Star Spangled Banner” was adopted as the official anthem in 1931 (a little bit of history for you there), I used the first verse. Hope you enjoy it!

Right now mine is up on my fridge, but I’m definitely going to think of something cute to do with it closer to the holiday.  I love the 4th, family, friends, grilling, fireworks.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday as well! Please share how you display and decorate with the printable too!


To download the free, printable PDF simply click on the image below. (This printable is free for personal use, for licencing, please contact april {at}


4th of July Place Settings and DIY Fireworks Napkins

DIY Fireworks Napkins -

Happy summer! Welcome to the Caffeinated Crafters virtual 4th of July party! We like to make party planning easy so we each made something awesome and brought it together to make one lovely party.  I was in charge of the table settings. So I made these DIY Fireworks Napkins for us:

Fireworks Napkins DIY Tutorial -

They were super easy, and the tie dye appeals to my secret hippy side, so that’s a win win.  I personally like tea towels as napkins in my house because we like to make messes…. and I do not feel bad about letting my 4 year old use them.  But if I have to spend $6/napkin then I am less inclined to let the kiddo muss it up. So, there ya go.

You will need:

Tea Towels (I like these)
Rit Dye in Cherry Red
Small, clear hair ties (I prefer these)
Small drinking glasses
Dish gloves (not shown)

DIY Firecracker Napkin tutorial -

How to:

1. Twist small sections of the towel and secure with multiple clear hair ties, set aside

DIY Firecracker Napkin tutorial -

2. Fill glasses with HOT water, then place 1/2 teaspoon of dye into each cup, stir to incorporate. Flip towel over and place twisted sections into dye cups, let sit approximately 5 minutes

DIY Firecracker Napkin tutorial -

4. Wearing dish gloves, move towel to sink and rinse under hot water while removing hair ties

Fireworks Napkin Tutorial -

5. Launder seperately

Fireworks Napkins DIY Tutorial -

Even though I have hippy tendencies, sometimes my lazy side wins and I use plastic silverware… but I AM a blogger so I bust out the blue mason jars for the BBQ.

Make sure you check out the other awesome ideas for an easy 4th of July Party! (The menu below is clickable, so if you see something you like, click it and you will be whisked away to that site to check out the awesome craft/food/decor.)

Caffeinated Crafters Throw a 4th of July Party! Check out these fab ideas for the best ever patriotic celebration!

DIY Fireworks Napkins | Paracord Garland | Stars & Stripes Summer Drinks | BBQ Firecracker Short Ribs | Patriotic Pavlova | Water Blob for Kids | DIY Soda Bottle Crowns | Image Map

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15 minute wreath   Cross Stitch Sunglasses with puff paint -   Roatan Rum Punch -

Cup and Straw Wreath   Cross Stitch Sunglasses   Roatan Run Punch Recipe

Framed Family Tree

Family Tree Print

Hi everyone, I am Danielle from Glitter Bug Blog I’m so excited to be posting my first tutorial as an illistyle contributor!! Today I’m sharing my Framed Family Tree project I completed for my mum as a Mother’s Day gift (which I paired with a portrait of my brother, myself and our 3 dogs and a beautiful giant Chrysanthemum plant). I have been wanting to do a family tree for some time as I wanted it to take center stage in our yet to be established lounge room gallery wall but with a large family on my maternal side I was struggling with ideas. I found this family tree download on Martha Stewart and decided to have a go.

Family Tree Print

I absolutely love how this Framed Family Tree turned out and my favorite part is that it cost me $0.10 to make!! I already had all the supplies on hand so all I needed to do was have the tree printable enlarged and it all came together fairly quickly. My mum loved how it turned out and I love the simplicity of it. So let’s make ourselves a Framed Family Tree – for 10 cents!!

You’ll need:

Martha Stewart Tree Print (enlarged to A3 size, which is a US Tabloid 11″x16″ )x
A3 size photo frame
Double sided tape
PVA glue
Thin paint brush
Glitter (optional but I think it adds a special touch)

Step 1:
Start by printing the Martha Stewart tree onto A4 (standard US Letter 8.5″ x 11″) paper and having it enlarged to an A3 size (or whatever size you please)

Family Tree Print 

Step 2:
In Mircosoft Word (or any document program) type each member of your family in your desired font and size.
Include the family name and ‘Established’ year in a fancier script. Print onto cardstock and cut neatly into small rectangles. (I found it easier to arrange the names into their appropriate family groups. I was also worried I wouldn’t have enough room to do everyone separately so I grouped couples together to save space.)

Family Tree Print

Step 3:
Squeeze a small amount of glue onto some scrap paper (paper plate etc.) and using your thin brush a light coat onto a few leaves sporadically all over the tree with the glue. Sprinkle with glitter and dust off. I used silver and black glitter so I did each color separately to avoid mixing the excess.

Family Tree Print

Step 4:
Cut a small square of double sided tape onto the back of your names. I used a large strip for the Established & Family name square but strips half that size for everything else. (please ignore my orange backed card – desperate times ;)

Family Tree Print

Step 5:
Arrange your names on your tree but don’t remove the backing paper yet! Group them together in their appropriate families. Once you’re happy with how it looks, remove the backing paper and carefully stick them to the tree.

Family Tree Print

Step 6:
Place in your frame and enjoy!

Family Tree Print

I love how easy this project was and I was even more pleased at the cost. If you didn’t have the supplies on hand then I would estimate that this would cost you about $10, but even still that is a great price for such a personal item. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’ve loved being over here on illistyle and I can’t wait to be back next month. Feel free to stop by my blog Glitter Bug anytime I’d love to have you.

I also wanted to take a minute to share a fun little treat for the illistyle readers. If you’ve been by my blog before you’ll probably know I opened my own Etsy store; Dear Chantilly selling handmade accessories a few months back and have been filling it up with lots of great goodies the past few weeks. With the 4th of July coming up next month I wanted to give my American peeps (I’m Australian) a little discount code so you can stock up on some pretty accessories for yourself, your daughter/s or nieces for the upcoming festivities or for any other occasion!
Use the code: JULY4TH to get 15% off your order. This special code runs from 11th of June 2014 until the 18th of June 2014. In order to receive your items in time for the 4th of July.

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Pineapple Cross Stitch with Free Printable Pattern

Cross Stitch Pattern Free PDF Pineapple Printable -

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We got the house 90% unpacked and put away! Yep, after 9 days we are almost completely unpacked. But I know it is that last 10% that can drag on for eternity… so let’s pray we can get that done before Summer Camp starts (less than 2 weeks!) and we move up the mountain. Seriously, I need prayer for that. Boxes stress me out.

I can say that the studio is moments from being up and running. The poor baby has been in boxes for YEARS – literally. So much got packed when we moved to Roatan, then that collection was never unpacked, only added to when we lived in the One Bedroom Apartment.  And those items got multiplied when we were in the Two Bedroom Rental.

During that year and a half the studio functioned out of canvas bags that held individual projects.  That way when I was working at the dining table, I could easily sweep everything into a bag and hang on the back of the dining chair so we could have meals.  THen it was right there when I wanted to bring it back out.  The problem was that the items got put into the bags and then I had like 6 bags worth of stuff and I never knew where my sewing scissors where, or my threads, or my markers, or anything really.

So when I unpacked the studio I was literally unpacking bags and bags of goods.  It was like Christmas (if Christmas gifts were delivered in Trader Joe’s Reusable Bags.) But I did run across a project I haven’t shared with you:

Pineapple Cross Stitch Free Printable PDF -

This little tiny beauty is so sweet.  Pineapples are the international symbol of hospitality.  And though I am, sadly, allergic to raw pineapple, I love what they symbolize and since they are tropical they are right up my Caribbean-living-and-loving alley.

I even made you a little Pineapple Cross Stitch Free PDF Pattern for personal use. (Click on image for Printable PDF version)

Pineapple Cross Stitch Pattern -

I am fairly new to cross stitch, but I did make these little cross stitch sunnies with puff paint that you should totally check out.

Are you a cross stitcher? Any tips of tricks for a newbie like me?

creative lifestyle blogger southern caifornia -

Cross Stitch Sunglasses with puff paint -   Kitchen granite counters -  Hot Pink Closet -

Cross Stitch Sunnies   New Kitchen & House Tour   Pink Closet, um, yeah.

DIY Cross Stitch Sunglasses

DIY Cross Stitch Sunglasses -

I have been on a total cross-stitch kick lately.  Seriously, like “Cross Stitch all the things!” And since summer is coming I thought it was time to try some Cross Stitch Sunglasses.  Try revamping an old pair to make these great DIY Cross Stitch Sunglasses. This was such a fun and quick little project.  (affilate links included) I snagged these cute aviators for $5 at Old Navy and dolled them up with… Puff Paint! Here’s how I did it:

Cross Stitch Sunglasses with puff paint -

I took highlighters in colors corresponding to my Puff Paint and created a template on some graph paper.

cross stitch sunglasses template -

When I was happy with my design, I tried to place the paper behind the sunglasses, but between the “non-reproducable blue lines” and the highlighter the paper looked white. So I was forced to free hand, but you guys know from my Eyelet Lace Painted Stool situation that I have no fear of free hand.  I probably should have a healthy reverence for it as I mass up a lot, but it doesn’t scare me.

Cross- Stitch Sunglasses progress -

I created the pattern just as I would if I were cross stitching, I did all the “stitches” in one direction, starting from the top, left to right, and going toward the bottom.  Then I set the glasses aside for about an hour.

Cross Stitch Sunglasses with puff paint -

I then came back and finished the other direction of the stitches and let them dry.  I showed them to Ava and asked to take her photo in the grass.  I said “Sit right there…” and she knelt down and did this pose:

Embroidered sunglasses -

OMG my child just Zoolandered me.  I half expected her to say “Merman, Dad, merman!”  But seriously, shes 4. I have trouble on my hands, don’t I?
Embroidered sunglasses -

Embroidered sunglasses -

It’s amazing how the right accessories can make a girl feel fabulous!

DIY Cross Stitch Sunnies -

creative lifestyle blogger southern caifornia -

 Multi Color and Burlap Pom Pom Wreath - Zoku Quick Pop Maker Giveaway - New House Yellow House White Front Door and dog-

Multi-Color Pom Pom Wreath  Zoku Pop Maker Giveaway   New Home Tour