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Call for Contributors -

Hello loves! Our call for contributors is now open!  If you have ever thought about wanting to contribute, now is the time to take the plunge. Here’s what we are looking for:

- basic blogging & social media experience

- clean, crisp photography

- ability to write tutorial-type posts

- willing to write 1 post per month for

Fill out this form and we will get back to you soon! So excited to see all of your awesomeness!

Know someone who is perfect for this? Please send them our way, we will both be grateful.

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Printable Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Last month I shared these great Easter Egg Hunt printable signs over at where I am a monthly contributor.  I wanted to make sure you guys got a chance to get them also, since I think they are adorable and you are my people!  I have made them in 3 different sizes, so you can print them out in the size you need. Small=all three on 1 sheet, Med= 5″x7″, Large= 8″x10″ (all formatted to print on standard 8.5″x11″ printer paper)

 Easter-Egg-Hunt-Printables   Easter Egg Hunt Printable Signs -

All Three on 8″x10″      All Three on 8″x10″

Carrot (pointing right) 5″x7″  8″x10″      Carrot (pointing left) 5″x7″  8″x10″

Bunny (pink) 5″x7″  8″x10″      Bunny (blue) 5″x7″  8″x10″

Chick (solid) 5″x7″  8″x10″      Chick (striped) 5″x7″  8″x10″

Hope this helps your little ones find every last egg so you don’t “lose
any! Yikes.

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*These items are intended for personal use only. To discuss comercial use, please contact april (at)*

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Neutral Kid’s Bath Step Stool

Thank you to FolkArt and Ed Roth’s Stencil1 for sponsoring this post

Neutral Kids Step Stool in Greige and glitter crown stencil -

I have been wanting to repaint my little three-legged step stool ever since we moved in January. (Here’s the first paint job I gave it last year in this post)

eyelet lace design painted step stool -

The pastels and eyelet lace design I hand inked last year was cute in our sage green bathroom in our last rental (see photos here) but it was NOT working in my new white and neutral bath.

neutral bathroom panoramic -

Plus, the pastel colors showed all of Ava’s dirty little feet marks and toe prints. Which are precious but make for more cleaning for mama… and let’s be honest, I do not love having to wipe down the step stool every single day. I knew I wanted a fun greige like my favorite nail polish, Essie Chinchilly:

image source

 But I could not find the color I wanted. So I decided to create a custom greige color from these FolkArt shades:

How to custom blend greige paint -

Equal parts Parchment, Caffee Latte, and Medium Gray worked for me.  You may need to adjust your proportions to get the shade you love, but it is there, in all it’s warm greyness, just waiting for you.  And these paints work on more than just wood… glass, metal, indoor, outdoor.  My greige is super versatile. That’s why I saved it in a cupcake baking liner cup for future use (if you follow me on instagram then you saw that photo already.)

To redo my stool, first I lightly sanded with 180 grit paper and wiped with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Then did two coats of the custom greige.  Here’s a progress shot as I apply the second coat. Check out the greigy goodness of the previously pastel stool:

Greige and glitter step stool -

Since this is “Ava’s stool” I knew I needed to bring a little of her personality into it…  thats is where Ed Roth’s Stencil1 crown stencil comes in. It is so very regal.

Ed RothStencil1 reusable crown stencil -

Unlike some other stencils I have used in the past, these are durable, reusable mylar that don’t deteriorate.  They are very is easy to clean too.  After this project was complete Ava decided that she needed to use this stencil for a crayon master piece.  The crayon wax wiped away with some hot water and a rag.  Which is great because I really like this design and could see myself using again, specifically for Ava’s room.

Greige and glitter crown step stool -

I decided to give the stencil the royal treatment with some FolkArt Extreme  Glitter in Champagne.  Can we just talk about how my 4 year old and I both LOVE glitter.  I think it’s something I will never outgrown.  My love may wax and wane, but it never dies completely. Look how enamored she is in the above photo. Love her.

Neutral Kids Bath Step Stool -



Neutral Kid's Bath Step Stool -


These stencils are great to work with, and are available at JoAnn’s Fabric & Craft Stores.

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This post was sponsored by Plaid FolkArt and Ed Roth Stencil1. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Simple Erin Go Bragh Banner

You guys know I have been digging simple graphic text banners lately.  Anytime is a good time for a clean font. (Who’s with me?!)  Staint Partick’s Day is no exception.  I traditionally do not decorate for the beloved Irish holiday because I have no green in my everyday decor (but that will be changing… stay tuned!) but this year I made this simple Erin Go Bragh Banner that can go anywhere:

Simple St Paddy's Day Decorations Erin Go Bragh Banner -


Whip this bad boy up in about 3 minutes using yarn, Target Dollar Spot chip board letters, and scotch tape. Simple and to the point. I feel like it is one of the most hipster things I have ever made.  I wish I had an industrial brick wall to hang it on… right next to my homemade pipe clothing rack full of flannels and ripped jeans. But I am not hipster enough for that, so my crisp white wall will have to do.

Here are some others I made with these great little letters:

Mangia Banner DIY -

Feast Kitchen Banner DIY -


illistyle banner -


Let’s see how long it takes before the husband notices these are taking over our home? He is pretty laid back so chances are – never… which is good for a creative one like me because he usually ignores my crafty messes and unfinished projects and I need that grace because lemme tell ya – the projects are never ending around here :)

Do you decorate for St Paddy’s Day?

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English Garden Wreath

DIY English Garden Spring Wreath -


I love to make wreaths! (See them all here) and I am especially in love with this easy DIY English Garden Wreath just in time for spring!  Here’s how we do it:

Supplies for English Garden Spring Wreath -
Supplies to create wreath base:
1 foam wreath
3 rolls faux moss
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Scissors (optional)

Additional supplies (not pictured):
Ribbon of choice
Burlap or fabric of choice
Straight pins

Moss covered wreath - illistyle.comWrap moss around wreath and secure as needed with hot glue.  Trim moss ends if needed.

English Garden Wreath ribbon burlap with pins - illistyle.comAdd burlap, secure with pins.

To create criss-cross ribbon pattern, pin ribbon and wrap in one direction around wreath, securing the opposite end with a pin also. (image 1)
Then remove first pin and attach a second ribbon, wrap in the opposite direction around wreath. (image 2)
Complete criss-cross pattern by securing second ribbon at end of first ribbon. (image 3)

English Garden Wreath with criss-cross ribbon - illistyle.comadd flowers and hang.

DIY Spring English Garden Wreath -


Do you do a wreath for every season or keep one up all year?

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Feast Kitchen Banner DIY -   20 Black & White Pie Recipes -   Roatan Rum Punch -

DIY Kitchen Banners   Black & White Pie Recipes  Roatan Rum Punch

Kitchen Banners

Sometimes I am uninspired in the kitchen, and the best way for me to get motivated to cook a healthy meal for my family is to spruce up my space. Being the creative gal I am I find that a handmade-something usually does the trick. My lil rental kitchen (read: hallway with a stove and sink in it) need something to brighten it up & I liked my illistyle birthday banner so much I made two kitchen banners because I cannot decide which I like the best:

Mangia Banner DIY -

Feast Kitchen Banner DIY -

Yes, I know they are similar, but the sentiments are different… so which do you like?

Click here for the tutorial

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DIY Word Banners

DIY Word Banner

What?! I am in shock – It’s been two years already? I also feel like – Wait, it’s only been two years?! lol. But yes, illistyle has been bring your crafts and DIY for the creative home for two years exactly.  I have made amazing friends (some of whom I have yet to meet face-to-face) and I have loved getting to know you guys and your stories.  I decided to throw myself a little blogiversary party, so I spruced up the office with this banner:

illistyle banner - illistyle.comI love it and it was so simple to make. Check it out:

text banner supplies - illistyle.comI found these “Chipboard Alpha” letter packets in the dollar spot at Target. Score!  I bought three because “illistyle” has 3 “L”s in it.  So I have to have 3 packs since there is one of each letter to a pack.  Also grab some yarn or string and tape.

how to create word banners - illistyle.comI just flipped my letters over and (and reversed the order) and then layed the string over the backs and taped them on. Easy peasy. (obviously these letters are spelling something else… you will see soon, promise.)

Here it is in the office looking all cute:

illistyle office banner -


I love the simplicity.

Ok, so the party decor is pretty simple, but I am going out to dinner, so that’s celebrating right? :)

I would love to hear: What would you do/have you done for your blogiversaries?

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Non-candy Valentines Craft

Thank you to for providing product for review

I am in love with photo Valentine’s Cards.  Actually, I am a huge fan of photo cards in general. This Valentine’s I was approached by the lovely people at to make some Valentine’s Card for Ava from their selection of photo cards for school Valentines I jumped at the chance. I knew I wanted to make something that I could include a non-candy treat for the kids in her preschool class… first I had to pick a design!  Their designs are sooo cute.  I narrowed it down to these three:

polaroid theme kids school valentine photo cards -

conversation hearts kids school valentines -

talk bubble kids school valentine -

And the winner is………

Wild for You Child's Valentine with non-candy treat -

I decided to put the photos of Ava from when I made the Felt Animal Masks last September. (FYI I did not watermark my child’s Valentine Cards, but I did watermark the above photo of it.)  On the back we wrote “I am WILD for you!” OMG, I am so punny.  Photocards and puns. Two birds, one stone.

I also included a non-candy treat for the kiddos in her preschool class:

cWild for You Non-candy Valentine Treat -

Wild for You Non-candy Valentine Treat -

They were simple to make… here’s what you need:

Wild for you Valentines class gift supplies -


Valentines cards from
Wild Animal Figurines
Colored Staples
Cello bags


Wild-for-You-non-candy-treat-animal-figurines-in-bagsBust open those cello bags and the figurines and let your child sort one into each bag.  This is a great sorting and fine motor skill activity for preschool-aged kiddos.

Cut Valentines cards with scissors - illistyle.comWhile they are doing that cut those bad boys apart.  Card Store uses heavy card stock for their cards which is awesome. Unfortunately, unlike the cheapy store bought ones they do not come pre-cut or perforated for easy separation.  So grab your scissors and get to cuttin mom. Then have your kiddo write their friends names and their name, and “I am WILD for you!” on the back of the card.  Or you might have to do it, cuz preschoolers are notorious for their illiteracy, and their ADHD-like behavior.  This part might be too much for them – it was for mine.

Wild for you kids Valentine with non-candy treat -


Slip the card into the bag, in front of the toy animal figurine.

Wild for you school Valentine with non-candy treat for kids - illistyle.comFold over the top of the bag and using your pink staples (cuz it’s Valentines day and we need to pink-it-up) place one staple through the bag and card to hold everything together

Wild for You Valentines for kids with non-candy treat -

Non-candy Valentines treats for school classroom Valentines -

Look how cute they turned out! (And I just realized Ava didn’t sign her teacher’s card. lol! Oops!)

cWild for You Non-candy Valentine Treat -

Do you give gifts or candy to your kid’s class for Valentines?

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This post was created in partnership with All opinions are 100% my own.

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