Neutral Kid’s Bath Step Stool

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Neutral Kids Step Stool in Greige and glitter crown stencil -

I have been wanting to repaint my little three-legged step stool ever since we moved in January. (Here’s the first paint job I gave it last year in this post)

eyelet lace design painted step stool -

The pastels and eyelet lace design I hand inked last year was cute in our sage green bathroom in our last rental (see photos here) but it was NOT working in my new white and neutral bath.

neutral bathroom panoramic -

Plus, the pastel colors showed all of Ava’s dirty little feet marks and toe prints. Which are precious but make for more cleaning for mama… and let’s be honest, I do not love having to wipe down the step stool every single day. I knew I wanted a fun greige like my favorite nail polish, Essie Chinchilly:

image source

 But I could not find the color I wanted. So I decided to create a custom greige color from these FolkArt shades:

How to custom blend greige paint -

Equal parts Parchment, Caffee Latte, and Medium Gray worked for me.  You may need to adjust your proportions to get the shade you love, but it is there, in all it’s warm greyness, just waiting for you.  And these paints work on more than just wood… glass, metal, indoor, outdoor.  My greige is super versatile. That’s why I saved it in a cupcake baking liner cup for future use (if you follow me on instagram then you saw that photo already.)

To redo my stool, first I lightly sanded with 180 grit paper and wiped with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Then did two coats of the custom greige.  Here’s a progress shot as I apply the second coat. Check out the greigy goodness of the previously pastel stool:

Greige and glitter step stool -

Since this is “Ava’s stool” I knew I needed to bring a little of her personality into it…  thats is where Ed Roth’s Stencil1 crown stencil comes in. It is so very regal.

Ed RothStencil1 reusable crown stencil -

Unlike some other stencils I have used in the past, these are durable, reusable mylar that don’t deteriorate.  They are very is easy to clean too.  After this project was complete Ava decided that she needed to use this stencil for a crayon master piece.  The crayon wax wiped away with some hot water and a rag.  Which is great because I really like this design and could see myself using again, specifically for Ava’s room.

Greige and glitter crown step stool -

I decided to give the stencil the royal treatment with some FolkArt Extreme  Glitter in Champagne.  Can we just talk about how my 4 year old and I both LOVE glitter.  I think it’s something I will never outgrown.  My love may wax and wane, but it never dies completely. Look how enamored she is in the above photo. Love her.

Neutral Kids Bath Step Stool -



Neutral Kid's Bath Step Stool -


These stencils are great to work with, and are available at JoAnn’s Fabric & Craft Stores.

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Plaid : Blog // How to repair a leaking car or SUV sunroof at home for under $5 -   DIY Spring English Garden Wreath -   Roatan Rum Punch -

How to Fix a Leaking Sun Roof   English Garden Wreath   Roatan Rum Punch

How to fix a leaky sunroof

How to fix a leaking sunroof inexpensively -

I have had two Toyota 4Runners in my life. I have had the same issue with both: a leaky sunroof. Here’s the part that causes trouble:

How to fix a Sunroof Leak issue on Toyota 4Runner -


Here’s a view from directly beneath the open sunroof, as you can see, there is just a straight up hole in my sunroof… lame.

Sunroof rubber seal seperation issue and how to fix it -

Over time, expose to the elements causes the seam of the sunroof seal to separate and causes a leak whenever it rains, or I drive through the car wash, or my child gets cray with the garden hose. The first time it happened I took it to the dealership. They handed me a $600 estimate for repairs. Apparently, Toyota doesn’t make a replacement seal, they have to replace the entire piece of glass which already has the seal attached – it’s a packaged deal. But since I knew I could fix t for under $5 (thats a savings of over 80%!) I said no thanks. So this method is doubly tried and true because it lasted 5 years on my first car, and now has lasted over a month on this car and I am not anticipating any issues.

Here’s how you fix it:

Loctite silicon caulking for home repair of a leaking sunroof -

Yep, silicone caulking.  I like to use clear. And “aquarium safe” – cuz if it is good enough to withstand the water pressure of a fish tank then some rain should not be a problem.

I also suggest you have a paper towel handy.

How to repair a leaking car or SUV sunroof at home -


How to repair a leaking car or SUV sunroof at home for under $5 -

I like to squeeze the caulking into the seam, and then smooth with my finger.  I then use the paper towel to clean my finger and touch up the seam if needed.  I suggest you also do the top of the sunroof seam (on top of the car) for added protection.  It is best to follow the package directions regarding drying time, but to be honest, this time I did not… and took the car out in the rain only 1 hour later.  Still, all is good and there are no more leaks.

Have you ever done your own car repairs? Any tricks for us?

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(I am not an auto mechanic, nor do I guarantee this method will work for everyone and every vehicle, but I have tested this method twice and have had great success)

DIY Spring English Garden Wreath -   how to fix a broken book spine -   Printable-Animal-Mask-Templates

English Garden Wreath  How to Fix a Broken Book Spine   Free Animal Mask Templates

DIY Word Banners

DIY Word Banner

What?! I am in shock – It’s been two years already? I also feel like – Wait, it’s only been two years?! lol. But yes, illistyle has been bring your crafts and DIY for the creative home for two years exactly.  I have made amazing friends (some of whom I have yet to meet face-to-face) and I have loved getting to know you guys and your stories.  I decided to throw myself a little blogiversary party, so I spruced up the office with this banner:

illistyle banner - illistyle.comI love it and it was so simple to make. Check it out:

text banner supplies - illistyle.comI found these “Chipboard Alpha” letter packets in the dollar spot at Target. Score!  I bought three because “illistyle” has 3 “L”s in it.  So I have to have 3 packs since there is one of each letter to a pack.  Also grab some yarn or string and tape.

how to create word banners - illistyle.comI just flipped my letters over and (and reversed the order) and then layed the string over the backs and taped them on. Easy peasy. (obviously these letters are spelling something else… you will see soon, promise.)

Here it is in the office looking all cute:

illistyle office banner -


I love the simplicity.

Ok, so the party decor is pretty simple, but I am going out to dinner, so that’s celebrating right? :)

I would love to hear: What would you do/have you done for your blogiversaries?

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Multi Color and Burlap Pom Pom Wreath -   10 Resume Tips from an HR Rep -   cWild for You Non-candy Valentine Treat -

Multi-color Pom Pom Wreath   10 Resume Tips   Non-Candy Valentines




Blogger Business Cards – How to make a lasting impression

Happy Friday friends! This week has flown by as I have been watching the son of our dear friend while the mom (my amiga) is in Washington on business and the dad is working locally. I have such a greater respect of moms with more than one child now.  Managing one preschooler is tough, but two… that’s some serious emotional energy. Props to you moms of multiple kiddos.  I might join your ranks some day – Lord willing.  But needless to say – hey ho it’s Friday! I am over at Plucky’s Second Thought today sharing my thoughts on what to include on your Blog Business Cards.  This is a HUGE series she is doing all about the do’s/dont’s tips and tricks of blogging. So if you are a blogger or you have questions about blogging as a business – Will you join me there?

What to include on your blog business card -

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DIY Chocolate Coffee Spoons for all relationship statuses -  breathe-smaller  top-5-craft-supplies

Valentines Chocolate Coffee Spoons   Devotional Review   5 Craft Supplies Every Home Needs

DIY Valentine’s Coffee Spoons

DIY Valentine's Day Craft Chocolate Coffee Spoons -

Sometimes the simple acts are the sweetest. Like a coffee date. Why not sweeten the deal with these simple DIY Valentine’s Day Chocolate Coffee Spoons? They are an easy craft to do the day before and make a big impact. You can make them for all your relationship statuses or just for that special someone to show them how you really feel.

Maybe some sweet xoxos for the one you adore?

xoxo chocolate coffee spoons -


or something more platonic for those you just kind of like?

patonic valentines chocolate coffee spoons -

or maybe some sweet hearts for your sweet heart?

heart sprinkle chocolate coffee spoon DIY -

or… show your spouse your intentions (I am not judging, get it girl!)

crazy love chocolate coffee spoons -


Valentine’s Day Chocolate Coffee Spoon Recipe

Wax or parchment paper
Plastic Spoons (or you could use your own silverware)
Chocolate (for candy molds)
Double boiler (or pot with glass bowl on it)
Optional: Tiny cookie cutters

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside
Melt chocolate in double boiler
Dip spoons into chocolate to coat completely, ensuring a lot of chocolate remains in the bowl of the spoon
Set on parchment to dry
Using sprinkles, decorate spoons as desired
Refrigerate overnight (let’s be honest a few hours should do it)

DIY valentines choclate coffee spoon supplies -


How to make chocolate coffee spoons at home -

Valentines Chocolate Coffee Spoon decoration with tiny cookie cutters -


DIY Chocolate Coffee Spoons for all relationship statuses -


What would you say to your Valentine?

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Valentines-Day-Sangria-in-a-pitcher   DIY Owl Hand Warmers with PDF Pattern -   25 Paleo Cookie Recipes -

Valentine’s Day Sangria   DIY Owl Handwarmers   Paleo Cookie Recipes

Shared at: SITS Girls, DIY Dreamer

Brown Paper Packages Tree Garland Advent Calendar

brown paper packages advent calendar tree garland -

Advent Calendars – do you do them? We do. And this year’s calendar is so cute.  I made an inexpensive one from paper lunch sacks and number stickers.

Materials Needed:

Number stickers
4-5 brown papaer lunch sacks (I only needed 4, but 5 would be good for any mistakes/sewing errors)
Thread & sewing machine

Brown Paper Packages Mini Advent Calendar / Christmas Tree Garland -


Cut the bottoms off the paper bags.

brown paper packages advent calendar tree garland -

Lay the bags flat (two-ply bag) and cut into strips.

Christmas Tree Garland Advent Calendar Countdown - illistyle.comDiscard the center strip and then cut the side strips into thirds, horizontally.

Christmas Tree Garland Advent Calendar Countdown - illistyle.comSew up the bottom and side of the strip and fill with goodies.

Christmas Tree Garland Brown Bag Advent Calendar -

Sew the opposite direction across the top and add the sticker numbers.

Christmas Tree Garland Brown Bag Advent Calendar -

Used tiny clothes pins (found in the office supply section at Walmart) to attach to any existing garland and hang on tree.

These are legit brown paper packages tied up with string… these are a few of my favorite things. (Tee Hee.) Well, they include my fav things because we fill them with strips of paper that indicate the days’ activities – like “Bake Cookies” or “Go to Disneyland” or “Go to the snow”. We like to do family things for our calendar. How do you guys do yours? (Really, I want to know!)

brown paper packages advent calendar tree garland -


Do you celebrate advent? How do you guys do it? I need ideas for next year!

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White Pom Pom and Jingle Bell Winter Christmas Holiday Wreath -   National Cookie Day Recipes Dec 4 -   DIY snowglobe -

Pom Pom and Jingle Bell Wreath   20+ Cookie Recipes   DIY homemade Snowglobes

Jingle All the Way Pom Pom and Jingle Bell Wreath

Jingle-All-The-Way-WreathI love me a good wreath. No joke, I LOVE wreaths.  They are so festive and fun.  This one is easy, looks like snow, and sounds like Christmas-time. All you need is your trusty hot glue gun a white styrofoam wreath, 400 pom poms, some gold jingle bells, and a lil bow. I just added the pom poms, largest to smallest, and then the bells and bow. Check it out:

White Pom Pom wreath - illistyle.comThis is what 50 – 1.5″ pom poms look like on the wreath.

White Pom Pom wreath - illistyle.comAnd heres what 100 – 1″ pom poms look like.

White Pom Pom wreath -

And 125 – 3/4″ pom poms.

White Pom Pom and Jingle Bell Winter Christmas Holiday Wreath - illistyle.comAnd 125 – 1/2″ pom poms, 16 bells, and 1 bow.  How simple is that?

Are you making a wreath for Christmas? What does it look like?

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Multi Color and Burlap Pom Pom Wreath -  fall chalkboard wreath - illistyle.comValentines Day Arrow Wreath Tutorial -

Multi Color Pom Pom Wreath     Chalkboard Wreath     Arrow Wreath

10 Resume Tips from an HR Rep

10 Resume Tips from an HR Rep - illistyle.comSo before my international adventures in Roatan and internet stardom as a Creative Lifestyle Blogger, I worked in Management positions for interior design firms. I loved my job. It was awesome getting to use my organizational and administrative skills to help my designers see their dreams come to life in a client’s home.  During my years as a manager I interviewed quite a few people, hired a few, and unfortunately had to terminate a couple too. I have read literally hundreds of resumes… maybe thousands. I had a strict policy to read every. single. resume that came across my desk and email – you never know when a gem is gonna be there in the sea of mediocrity.  Because of the extensive time I have spent reading resumes (and interviewing) I thought I would share a few tips with you. I have them broken them up 5+5, but essentially these are 10 Resume Tips from an HR Rep.

5 Things HR Reps Look for in Resumes  (*usually in the following order)

1. Overall appearance – Clean layout, matching fonts, matching indentation, and proper use of bullet points. This might sound picky, but I am hiring you to be a professional and this is your first opportunity to show me that you actually have the “attention to detial” that you claim in your “Skills” section.

2. Longevity – I would first scan the dates of the resume. Any gaps in employment? Job hopping (many short lengths of employment)? These are red flags and, if they coincide with other questionable items, could mean your resume doesn’t make it past my “reviewed – not suitable” file.

3. Matching experience – I am looking for a person to preform a specific set of tasks – have you done any of these before? Or do you have comparable experience that could translate into the position I am looking to fill?

4. English 101 – Grammar, spelling, and syntax errors are strictly forbidden. Do you use the oxford comma? If not, start. It’s not a game-ender, but it is a mark against you. I have literally disqualified otherwise good candidates due to poor grammar or spelling errors – use spell check, have a grammar-nazi friend proof your resume, it could be the difference in your employment status.

5. Contact information – If you have successfully impressed me in the first 4 items then I want to contact you. Leave an email and phone number, please. If you are a serious contender you may get called for an interview ASAP. Also, leaving your phone number shows me you are actually committed because I can get a hold of a real, live, breathing person and not a cold, dead email box to nowhere.

This beautiful template by LittleMrsMBA on Etsy is unique enough to be memorable and refined enough not to appear desperate (and totally passes #1 – Overall Appearance):

10 resume writing tips from an HR Rep -


5 Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

1. Be honest – Most HR Reps have a knack for being able to tell from if someone is being truthful in their representation.  If you are only 20 I do not expect you to have had 5 years experience in your desired field. If you have unique experience, tell me, I might be looking for someone who has the know-how / risk-taking attitude / flexibility to travel that your experience shows.

2. Don’t include everything – I only want what is important and/or relevant. Unless you are a recent high school grad (3 years max), leave your honors awards off your resume. You are applying for a job in the real world, high school doesn’t matter anymore. If you worked a random job for 3 months in between two long-term jobs, leave it out unless the experience or responsibilities very specifically correlate to the job for which you are applying. Also, I do not need to know every single detail of your job responsibilities at your previous job, just enough to get an accurate sense of your position. *Keep your resume to 1 page.* Seriously. This is important. If I see a staple I think, “5 points will be taken from Gryffindor.” One page is sufficient for me to know if you deserve an interview.

3. Stand out – If at all possible, do not use a word template for your resume. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great starting point to ensure you have all the vital information. Please do not stop there. Do not email that to me. It will look exactly like the 25 other resume I have received that day, which makes it instantly forgettable.  There are resume services that offer amazing-looking resumes for great prices and even Etsy has templates that are beautiful and memorable. (I have some examples and resources for you here.) But remember, don’t be all “pick me! pick me!” desperate by going over the top flashy. Error on the side of interesting but refined. (see #4).

4. Make it readable – We’re talking font choice, font size, colors, formatting, and tenses. Stick to 2-3 fonts, 2-3 colors, and 2-3 sizes – max. Garish fonts, light and hard-to-read font colors, and a heavy mixture of font styles and sizes causes visual confusion and is just plain annoying. You do not want to aggravate the person reading your resume. You want the to like you and say “This guy. He’s legit.” Not “This guy – pick a font already, bro!”

5. If emailing – Name your doc FirstNameLastNameResumeMonthYear.pfd you just saved me time in having to rename that file (thank you) and showed me that you think ahead by providing a PFD because now I can easily, view, save, and print without having to open whatever random notepad application you may have used – and now I am more likely to remember your name and have positive feelings toward you! Win win.

If you are needing more information check out my pinterest board here for resume templates, inspiration, and interview info for when your stellar resume gets your foot in the door.

Got any resume tips or tricks to share with us? Leave a comment below. Share the Love.

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 How to make a blog editorial calendar -   Giant Woven String Art -  How to Pack Carry-On only -   

How to make a Blog Calendar    DIY Woven Art     How to Pack Carry-on Only