DIY Floral Headbands

DIY Floral Headbands -

Hello my loves! I just want to thank our sponsor, Arrow Fastener, for inspiring this post… I have been busy busy lately! And it is all good!  Today I wanted to share with the how I made these super sweet DIY floral headbands. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 3 pieces of Wrapped Floral Wire
2. Wire Nippers
3. Faux Flowers
4. 1/2″ wide Gross Grain Ribbon
5. Scissors
6. Hot Glue Gun (this is mine)


1. We want to start by making a frame for our flowers to be secured to. Wrap one piece of floral wire very loosely around a second piece (as shown below, left.) The wire may be difficult to wrap and want to lay flat on the table, this is good, you want it to lay flat on the table so it will lay flat against your head.

DIY Floral Headbands -

2. Slide the third piece of floral wire through the openings (as shown above, right)

3. Wrap the entire frame around your head were you would like the band to sit, shaping the wire into a semi-circle.

4. Trim end of each side with wire nippers, as needed to create even edges. Set frame aside.

5. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon approximately 2-3″ long.

How to make Floral Headbands -

6. Using hot glue, secure ribbon around base of each side to cover ends of wire and protect the wearer from harm.

How to make Floral Headbands -

7. Using wire nippers, cut flowers from stems, cut as close to bloom as possible. Set aside.

How to make Floral Headbands -

8. Cut felt circles that will be large enough to cover the green area on the back of each flower.

How to make Floral Headbands -

9. Using your hot glue gun, place a large dollop of glue on the back of a single flower. Place headband, upside down, onto flower and quickly place a circle of felt over the headband and exposed hot glue on the back of the flower.

Floral Headband Tutorial -

10. Repeat until all flowers are secure.

11. Wear that bad boy with wild hippy abandon!

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial -

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial -

DIY Floral Headbands -

Would you wear one of these?

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  1. I want one! I love these super cute headbands!
    Pauline Molinari recently posted..Red, White & Blue Cookie Waffle DessertMy Profile

  2. I love this project! I have so many extra silk flowers from a previous project. Now I know exactly what I am going to do with them!
    Corinna recently posted..Patriotic Jello ShotsMy Profile

  3. Totally Adorbs!!! Lovely!
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  4. How freakin’ cute are these??
    Jessica recently posted..Hot Weather Survival for KidsMy Profile

  5. How cute are those they would be great for flower girls in a wedding


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