Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY Tutorial

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY tutorial - illistyle.com

Check out this great little transformation. From hideous black spice rack circa 1977 to Jewelry holder that belongs in the now.

It all started with this:

Spice Rack jewelry holder before - illistyle.com

I think that in the right kitchen – with faux brick everywhere and big copper pans hanging from the ceiling, a lack of natural light, maybe some dark wood cabinets and an open hearth, this spice rack would be a perfect fit. But since that kitchen should only exist in Hansel and Gretel, or some other Grimm Fairy Tale, this HAD to be transformed.

Supply List:

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY supply list - illistyle.com

Since we were simply adding paint to the piece, we did not need to take the black completely off the rack. We simply used 120 grit sand paper on a sanding block to rough it up. After a wipe down with a wet cloth to remove any residual paint and/or dust we let the piece dry and then got our spray on.

post sanding wipe down - illistyle.com

Since it can be difficult to cover a dark color with a lighter color, we used some Krylon spray primer in White as a base coat. (we actually did two coats of primer to ensure that the black death would not show through our final color.)

primer spray paint - illistyle.com

Tips for better spray paint application: Stand back, use long even strokes, multiple applications (with drying time between each coat) will produce the best results.

Then we busted out the girliest color imaginable: Krylon Ballet Slipper.

Oh yes, we went there.

After 3 coats we were sure that every nook and cranny had be sprayed from every direction, leaving no trace of the previous high gloss black, only Satin Ballet Slipper cuteness.

Then I measured across the bottom and marked the drill holes for our cup hooks.

spice rack to jewelry holder DIY measure for cup hooks - illistyle.com Spice rack to jewelry holder DIY drill holes - illistyle.com

Then we screwed 15 hooks in by hand. This was the worst part, glad it only took a few minutes.

We then attached the three shaker pegs. (My bad, no pic of the drilling madness.)

One more round of paint for the cup hooks and pegs.

Done Son!

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder Before and After - illistyle.com

Look at that!
Here’s some more of the final product, all dolled up with jewels.

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY After - illistyle.com

And here are her close ups:

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY After nail polish - illistyle.com

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY After bracelets - illistyle.com

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY After necklaces - illistyle.com

One more time with the before and after:

Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder Before and After - illistyle.com

We considered finding or making a plaque to cover the word “Spices,” but we could not think of anything suitable and then we realized that we like the idea of the jewelry being the flavor and spice of the outfit, so “Spices” stayed.

What do you think?

I love it! And it is not even mine. I made this for (and with) my BFF (who made her debut in this post). Her bathroom is TOO cute, all pink and bird accents. Love it. So girly, so fresh.

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  2. Where did you find that spice rack? I’ve been looking everywhere for one for all of my nail polish and I can’t find a decent one anywhere. I LOVE THIS!

    • The giant spice rack was hand me down from my BFF’s great aunt. It is a 1970’s monster. I have been searching for one for me ever since we did this one for her… sadly I only found a little tiny guy. I will be posting it next week… but mine is kinda sad-looking after this jewel.

  3. Hi there!
    Stopping by to let you know that I am featuring you tomorrow. Thank you so much for linking up to The 36th AVENUE.

  4. I absolutely love this! I like that you guys kept the “Spices” tag on there – gives it a little something extra! Great inspiration for when I go yard sale-ing tomorrow!

  5. now that’s some vision to see this potential! love it!


  1. […] Take an old and ugly spice rack and give it a makeover. Also, re-purpose it and turn it into a jewelry holder for your tiny knick knacks. First clean the piece thoroughly and then get some spray paint. Apply two coasts in any color you prefer. Let it dry and then you can customize it with tiny hooks.{found on illistyle}. […]

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