Featured Artist – Adam & Rusty Fish

illistyle readers, I am so pleased to have you meet Adam Hunt, Roatan island’s resident metal artist.  Adam is a native of England and came to Roatan while on a backpacking tour of the world.  He left knowing that this island would be his future home.  He has now lived on Roatan over 4 years and has already made a significant impact for the better.  Adam is full of life and has a warm and friendly smile. He is the kind of person who makes you feel totally at ease.  Adam says he “loves to make something that has been discarded and turn it into something more beautiful than is has ever been before.” Specifically, Adam and his team of 17 employees at “Rusty Fish” recycle oil drums and sheet metal  and turn them into art, from necklaces and magnets, to wall hangings and advertisement signs, and everything in-between. The artisans cut, assemble, and paint each piece by hand at Rusty Fish’s outdoor workshop.


The message of Rusty Fish is “love will set you free,” and Adam desires to help create more “love, joy, and happiness, for all.”  To that end Adam periodically does one of his favorite applications: art installation.  True story: When I go up on Valentine’s Day I drove down the road and noticed Adam had hung painted metal hearts from different trees all over the island.  He wanted to spread the love on Valentine’s Day and found a way to show his love through his artwork. I personally was so overjoyed to see how much he loves the island and I was completely encouraged to demonstrate my love with actions and not just words, like Adam had done. Adam has also decorated the island for Christmas and his public art can been seen in a permanent installation in Sandy Bay: the “Love Tree” is decorated with 100 hearts strung from the branches with  a sign that reads “Esplendidas Frutas” below it. The literal translation is “Splendid Fruit,” and love is the most splendid fruit indeed.


From small pieces……


…to LARGE!


Rusty Fish is available for sale at Waves of Art Gallery in West End, Roatan, Honduras. And online http://rustyfish.com/shop/ If you are interested in purchasing in bulk, please contact Adam directly at (504) 9947-8975.  He would love to meet you personally, open the Wholesale Store for you, and help you find the pieces for which you are looking.

For more information and to see additional pieces (but by no means the entire collection) of Rusty Fish artwork, please visit rustyfish.com


  1. Such a great idea, and so wonderful that he created 17 jobs for people by turning trash into art. I wish more people were this creative!


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