Cran-Apple Awesome Sauce

cran-apple awesome sauce

So Little Girl potty-trained early. Like a boss. She had almost no accidents. It was great. For months. Then all of a sudden she was having accidents all the time. Everywhere. Like 5 times in one afternoon. I was shocked and I will be honest, annoyed. She had done so well. I knew she could control her bladder, so what in the world was happening? On specific occasions I thought maybe she was distracted by a Disney movie or a friend over for a playdate… but then there were other times where we would be at the dinner table and she would have an accident. It was weird. This happened for almost two weeks. Then she got very whiny and clingy. She wanted to be held all. the. time. 35 pounds of fussy child in my arms was killing me, especially in this tropical heat and humidity. Then she kept telling me she was cold. I will be honest, between the whining and the accidents and the heat, this mama was losing her cool. Then one night we had a freak rain storm come through that brought with it a glorious breeze. The temp dropped to like 82 degrees. I was cold. Little Girl said she was “coldies” and wanted to be held. So I picked her up … and she was burning up. I took her temp and realized it was over 101.5 No Bueno. Thankfully, we work for mission organization that has a clinic on the neighboring island and a full time doctor. We called him about the fever. He asked about her eating habits, her drinking, her peeing. The moment I said “actually she has been having accidents, A LOT.” He said, “Sounds like a urinary tract infection, I will get her some antibiotics.” What?!

I have had UTIs (bladder infections), those suckers are painful. But apparently in kids, that’s not always the case. Poor lovey. Of course I had serious mommy-guilt about letting my little one go almost a month with a UTI. But, that’s not the point. The point is that Little Girl had to take her some antibiotics. Within 2 days she was her normal self again and the accidents stopped. (Yes, I gave her the full round of antibiotics.) But I disliked the idea of little one having to make antibiotics without supplementing with probiotics. I also wanted to strengthen her urinary tract against further infection.  Since we cannot get any of that here, I called the mother-in-law. She is my natural drug dealer – whenever I need vitamins, probiotics, or natural remedies, I call my mother-in-law, this woman knows her stuff. Here’s what she suggested:

toddler UTI treatment supplements

I am no doctor. But I have seen and felt the positive effects of probiotics and supplements. So, this is in way professional advice, this is a home remedy that works for us. (i.e. don’t sue me). Here’s what I do:

  open cranberry capsule  place cranberry in apple sauce

mix well  add acidophilous

now you’ve got yourself some healthy goodness.

cran-apple awesome sauce

 Little Girl LOVES to eat her cran-apple awesome sauce.

What do you do to help off-set antibiotics or help strengthen your immune system?

How do you get your kiddos to take medicine? (help out your fellow mamas!)


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