Easiest Fall Dessert Ever {Pumpkin Dump Cake Recipe}

Do you love pumpkin pie? You do?! Oh good, we can still be friends. haha. Just kidding, we can still be friends even if you do not like it, I love you enough to overlook your flaws :) I adore pumpkin pie, as does my husband. We used to go to a church that loved pie too. On March 14th we celebrated International Pie Day… get it 3.14? (Ok, so my husband was the Pastor who instituted that and he is a math guy, obviously.) We also had this delectable dessert after our Thanksgiving Eve church service every year – Pumpkin Dump. It’s like Pumpkin Pie, in cake form. Pie is hard to make. This is an easy fall dessert. 4 ingredients + 1 pan = Easiest Fall Dessert Ever!

pumppkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert recipe - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

pumpkin dump easy fall dessert - illistyle.com

Pumpkin Dump Cake Recipe


1 Large Can Pumpkin Pie Mix (get the mix, otherwise you will have to add spices… too much work for sure)
1 stick salted butter, melted
1 box yellow cake mix
1 bag chopped pecans

(preheat oven to 325F)

1.Spray your 9×13 pan with non stick spray (or rub that butta all over it)

Get ready to dump in your ingredients. Literally, just dump em in there.

2. Pour Pumpkin Pie Mix into pan

3. Pour yellow cake mix on top

4. Sprinkle with pecans

5. Drizzle melted butter over the top (you are gonna think, “some of the cake mix is not completely covered by the butter, oh no!” not to worry, it will cook correctly. promise.)

Place in a 325F oven for 25-30 minutes (oven times will vary depending on your model, pan type, and altitiude… so check at 20 minutes by shaking pan, if it wiggles like jello it is not done, if it looks firm, test with a tooth pick, if it comes out clean you are all done.)

Let cool, then drown it in whipped cream & enjoy!

Which Fall Holiday are you gonna make this for?

Halloween Party? Thanksgiving with the in-laws? “Woo-hoo it’s finally fall” day? (That’s a real day, right?)

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  1. When I made this, the pumpkin pie mix was really thick so when it cooked the cake mix was still powdery even after cooking longer. I added some sprite to it and let it bake some more and that helped. In your picture, the pie mixture looks more runny. Next time I will add the evaporated milk like the recipe suggests for the “pie” recipe to see if that will help it be moist enough to cook the cake mix.

    • Hi Dawn,
      This is a more slap-dash recipe for those of us who are lazy (I am referring to myself here, lol). Adding the evaporated milk to make it more like traditional pumpkin pie will add an extra step but will probably give you more of the traditional texture. The cake mix being powdery may mean it needs more melted butter poured over before baking. Best of luck!

  2. My sister and I are baking this now. We seem to be going well over the 30 minute mark because it is so goopy. We followed everything exact, have a Pyrex pan just like in the picture too, we just don’t have pecans (we don’t have them and prefer no nuts anyway). We tasted the goop – it certainly is delicious! But we put it back in the oven again because it is just not firming up. We don’t live on a mountain or anything, just west Philadelphia, lol. I wonder why our cake is so goopy and not firming, any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Either way, at least we have delicious goop<3

    Love, Julie and Shannon

    • Ah! We left it in for an extra 40 minutes in order for it to become the firmer, appropriate finished product! It also started to smell more like a baking pumpkin pie than a baking cake when it was finished. We’re just waiting for it to cool now, we know it’s going to be foodgasmic!!! =D

    • I have to agree with previous comments. I baked it for 35 minutes but was afraid I was going to burn it. I took it out, still jiggly. Taste was GREAT! I think next time I will follow other comments and leave it in way longer.

      • Hi Kathy, Thank you for the feedback :) I am going to try this again now that I am in the US and see what the optimal temperature and cook time are here :) Thanks again girl!

    • Hi Julie, When I created this tutorial I was living on a tropical island with a Celcius oven, and the ambient temperature was 100*F outside with 98% humidity. I am going to try this recipe again now that we are back in the US and see what the optimal oven temp and time are now :)

      • have you had a chance to try this recipe again in the states and if so have you corrected the temp and or time? i would like to make this next weekend for my work. please let me know ASAP. looks yummy

      • Aloha! Were you living on these tropical islands? If so, do you think with 90% humidity and 90*F temp about 30min should do the trick? Looking forward to trying this out :)

        • Hi Doreen,
          I was living in the tropics and the recommended time worked there… but if you pull it out and it is jiggly, just increase the time by 10 minute increments until you reach a more solid state. 😉

  3. That most definitely is 100% pumpkin puree and NOT pie mix… they put a pic of a pie on all of them… hahaha there are no spices in that. I don’t see pumkin pie mix on there anywhere and I have both cans. Glad to know it’s good!

    • Hi Madison, you are correct that is pumpkin purée in the photo. At the time I wrote this I was living on a remote island where we could not get pumpkin pie mix. In an effort not to confuse people I labeled it pumpkin pie mix and then put a note about it in the recipe.

  4. YUMMMMMMMMMY! I’m definitely adding this to my board on Pinterest!


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