GoGo Babyz Travelmate Deluxe Review & Giveaway

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GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

As you guys know, I only do giveaways for products I love and believe in. The GoGo Babyz Travelmate Deluxe is exactly that. I L-O-V-E love this thing! Here’s my story: I bought my GoGo Baby Travelmate almost 3 years ago. It has been used on over 20 flights and is still going strong. When we decided to move to Roatan (you can read all those posts here) I knew we would be doing a LOT of international air travel with a toddler in a car seat. I did my research and found the original GoGo Babyz Travelmate (below).

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

Essentially, it makes my daughters carseat into piece a rolling luggage so I can get through the airport without having her cry “carry me mommy!” and I have my hands free to deal with tickets and water bottles and snacks and iphones and barbies and all the stuff mommies have to have in the airport. She feels cozy and secure because it is her carseat and not some contraption she is unfamiliar with, and I feel secure that she is not going to be snatched by a stranger while I am distracted with the check-in process/TSA screening/finding my gate.

Everytime I fly, 5-10 people see the GoGo Baby and ask me: what is that? where can I get one? Do they make them for adults? Seriously, that is the question/comment I hear the most. Once a father of twins was pushing a huge double stroller through immigration and his wife was carrying the two car seats. They looked so tired. They stopped and asked me a million questions. Finally I had him pull it up on his iphone and I think he ordered them right there in the airport!

So I contacted GoGo Babyz to gush about how much I adore them, and they wanted to return the love to you guys by giving one of you their brand new Travel Mate Deluxe.

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

This one is super sturdy with a base plate that can accommodate an infant seat or a toddler carseat (the original does not have this and only handles a toddler or convertible carseat, no infant seats). So this one can be used from birth until your child outgrows her carseat… Sweet. I love products that last. And FYI this one does – did i mention that I have had mine for over 20 flights? This allows your child to be at the same tilt the whole time. On the original model the handle is at a 90 degree angel when stopped and the car seat base touches the ground. Once you are ready to roll you tilt the carseat back and the weight rests on the back wheels. (See picture of original model above)

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

The Deluxe model has four wheels and the carseat rests on the included base. This is why the carseat stays at the same tilt the entire time with the new model. As you can see in the photo above, the new model has beefier rear inline skate wheels and an additional set of small inline skate wheels in the front that pivot. Both models ride very smoothly.

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

Also, the new model has a foot break because of the additional wheels. This way you can lock the GoGo Baby Deluxe when parked and you do not have to worry about your little one rolling off without you. (On the original model when you stop the front of the carseat base touches the ground and prevents rolling away.)  I like the new models base and lock feature because your child’s feet do not touch the ground… sometimes my daughter would be cranky in the airport and purposefully try to drag her feet… but this momma is smart and realized she could just tilt the original GoGo Babyz a little more and get those feet to stay off the ground. (I know, I am borderline genius for that.)

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

The other diffrence is that this new design folds down on itself (the old design did not have folding parts because it is one back board and a telescoping handle.) This requires two hands to do, one hand to pull the latches toward one another and the other hand to pull the handle forward simultaneously.

GoGo Babyz Deluxe Review & Giveaway - illistyle.com

So about size, the new one is a bit bulkier, but both can be stored in the overhead compartment easily. (And this does not count as a piece of carry on luggage b/c it is attached to the carseat which means you can take it on the plane if your child has a seat on the plane in their name or you can gate check it which is free of charge. Yeah for FREE!)

Speaking of Free, GoGo Babyz is giving away one of their amazing new Travelmate Deluxe models to one of you amazing illistyle readers- BTW this is an $169 value (and totally worth every penny)!

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If you would like to see GoGo Babyz full line of products, please visit: gogobabyz.com

xoxo April - illistyle.com


  1. OOHHHHHH how we could have used this when we traveled out of state with our 3 mo. old last month!!! On our next trip, we would look like much cooler first-time parents with the Travel Mate Deluxe than we did without it!
    Kristin (kekis) recently posted..A Quick RambleMy Profile

  2. I would use it for the (very) rare times we travel!
    Heather @ Real Cheap Housewives of Texas recently posted..What’s better than cake?My Profile

  3. Traveling by air when we visit family :)


  4. I would love to use it for traveling! Now that my little one has turned 2 and we have to pay for an actual seat now, it would probably come in handy for bringing her carseat with us!
    Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) recently posted..Miessence: Nourishing Hand Cream ReviewMy Profile

  5. We have relatives all over the country, so I would definitely use it for travel!

  6. It would be very nice when I’m traveling with all the kiddos by myself. It can be hard to keep track of everything.:)

  7. Maribel Reyes says:

    We are soon traveling by plane and this would make our travel easier to cart around the toddler’s carseat!


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