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This may have been the most difficult My Bag post yet. My other posts have been so easy because I just look at my bag and tell you: heres what I got. Like the make-up bag post, I even snapped a pic of my actual bag with my phone to show you that what I present is acutally “my bag”. But this one was hard because I have the standard LowePro black bag I got when I got my DSLR in 2007. I never upgraded a thing, not the bag, not my strap. I do have two extra lenses (see below) but other than that it’s pretty standard. That would make for a boring post.  Then, I started dreaming of a new bag and new strap, and some new lenses too… then I did the worst thing a dreaming girl could do: I went online window shopping. There are so many amazing choices now in camera bags, not to mention the straps. I will have to save all my pennies (or pray for one of these sellers to become a gracious donor – hint hint) and wait until we visit home in order to get these, but I am pretty determined.  I am usually very, extremely, maybe a little overly decisive, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to choose.  So, my dear readers, I need your help:

Which bag and strap should this girl get? Check out the combos:


Bag: JoTotes, Georgia in Nautical, $107  Strap: Rosellas Lane on Etsy, Lace with Lens Cap Pocket, $40



Bag: Ketti Handbags, Citrine Poppy, $195   Strap: Marine Parents on Etsy, dSLR Ruffle Camera Strap Cover in Optic Blossom, $25



Bag: JoTotes, Rose Bag in Marigold, $89   Strap: Bluebird Chic on Etsy, Ruched Camera Strap Cover, in Nautical floral, $35


I love them all. Each one would be a huge improvement over the standard set I have now. It’s a great bag and it has served me well. I have taken it all over the world.  Photoshoots in Southern California, ATV riding in Costa Rica, site seeing in Scotland, strolling around Paris, Safari in Kenya. It has been faithful and true. It has held up beautifully. Sucha trooper. (Actually, if you are looking for  a reasonably priced bag that will hold your equipment and that your man will not mind carrying, then this is the bag for you) But it is so plain jane, and so NOT me… but you all know I cannot keep a secret, so… ok fine, here you go:


Bag: LowePro, Nova 170 Lenses: Cannon 50mm fixed & telephoto


The husband also feels that while we are updating the bag we should also update my coffee mug.

Photographer’s shock of a lifetime mug: Camera Lens Mug,, $14.99

I do not think I would chance putting this into my camera bag. I couldn’t risk spilling coffee on my super expensive camera/lenses/bag/strap. But I could totally set it on my desk and sip a cuppa while I edit photos.

So, help a girl out! Which one should I get? Leave a comment to cast your vote.


P.S. Want more cute options for yourself?   Check out:– bags, and head over and see Kelly at for tutorials creating amazing camera strap covers


  1. I vote #2!!! And the camera lens mug for sure. :)


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