Meet April

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Creativity is my lifeblood

I am April – a creative force to be reckoned with.
I write for people like me, the ones who can’t not create.
I am all about seeing a vision come to life. 


I believe that creativity has value

How I got here

+ I grew up in a creative community and a creative home. My father makes found object art and my mother is a paper crafter outside of their professions.  I did not grow up in a wealthy household, and my parents set an example of thrifting and DIYing.  They always encouraged my creativity and my dad built me an art studio on our property.

+ I met Jesus when I was 17. He changed my heart and my head.  In college I met my husband and earned my BA in Christian Education.  My husband became a pastor and we have always lived within our means, which only further encouraged my thrifty diying in our home.

+ For years I managed a high-end interior design firm – which was in stark contrast to my home life.  I would spend $5,000 of someone else’s money on their drapes when I was sewing mine from sheets I got at Goodwill. Although  I have no formal training in design, I have a basic understanding of how to make interiors work together. Basically.

+ I became a mother in 2009 when we welcomed our daughter, Ava, into our home and hearts. Being a mother has changed and softened me in so many ways.   I see the whole world through different eyes.

+ We moved to the island of Roatan in 2011 to serve as missionaries, which was a hugely life-altering decision, and it was there on that island that my husband encouraged me to share my passion for creativity with the internet (his motivation also came from his desire to keep me from getting island fever).

+ We moved back to the US in 2013 to pursue God’s will. My husband is now a Christian Camp Director and he is amazing at his job. I am blogging and managing the family.  Which is easier than it sounds.


Sharing creativity breeds creativity

Why I do what I do

I love to share my crafts, diy, and home decor projects with you guys because I know the community of creativity is huge and that sharing our creativity breeds creativity.   I love to use my creativity to problem solve, help others, and serve my family and community. I am all about using the creativity I have been given to help. Like helping you pack carry-on only, or turn a spice rack into a jewelry organizer, or create animal masks for your little ones (or for yourself, no judgement here.)

how to pack carry on for a two week international flight -   Spice Rack to Jewelry Holder DIY After -   child felt raccoon mask -  april in deer mask -

I have worked with some awesome brands that I love like Target, Starbucks, Pottery Barn Kids, Netflix, and Corelle because I trust those brands.  I have also worked with craft brands like Folk Art and Handmade Charlotte because I use craft supplies on a daily basis. (I know, shocker, right?) But most of the stuff I do is just because I love it. I have a dream and make it a reality.  Like I said I can’t not create, it is my lifeblood. And these are the ones that my heart beats for – Ava, Evan, and Mango:

Ava in Starbucks-  evan and april -   sleepy mango -


More About Me

+ Yes, I was born in April. And yes, that’s why my parents named me April.

+ I have a love affair with all things white – sheets, flooring, sofas, curtains. White is calming and reflective and I thrive in that type of environment.

+ I heart lists, spreadsheets, Google docs, and my iPhone calendar. Being organized keeps my head from spinning and keeps my busy world from falling to pieces.

+ I am infatuated with the UK – Harry Potter, my electric kettle, proper grammar, Doctor Who, elevenses – I pronounce some words with an English accent and only notice when someone points it out.

+ I speak 4 languages and have been to the majority of the world’s continents. But I always come home to Southern California.

+ I love words and the visual arts and find that I consider compliments of either to be the highest points of praise.


Make yourself at home

Make some tea, click around, check out some crafts or home decor or recipes, I am sure you’ll find something you like. If you have a comment or a question, let know. Seriously.  I would love to chat it up. You can either leave a comment on a post, or email me at April{at} or you can find me on any of these social media sites:

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