DIY Embroidery Hoop Faux Metal Orb Chandelier with LED Power

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Guys! Ahhhh. I am so excited to share this with you. I have been wanting to create this piece for sooooo long.  I got the idea by seeing all the gorgeous metal orb chandeliers on the market lately.  Now you can have one too and for less than $30! It was easier than I thought it would be. No joke. I thought, “this will be so easy.” And then I made it. And I thought, “Fool! Why did you wait so long?! That was SO SUPER EASY!” These are the thoughts I have. This is what goes on in my head.  BTW, my self esteem is fine after that low blow I delivered after the project was finished.  But check out how easy this.  If you have been wanting one of these, now is the time to DIY one of these gorgeous light fixtures.  As a note: please for the love of all, make sure you use a LED power bulb that stays cool to the touch.  This light fixture is made with wood…. it could be flammable. Let’s be safe, k?  Plus, 1 Super Bright LED power bulb can last as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs. So you save money too.  This is the bulb I used, it has a soft white light and not that creepy kinda-orangey-but-sort-blue color you get from other LEDs which makes my skin crawl. Win win win.

Embroidery Hoop Chandelier LED Bulb -


I found it at everyone’s fav store, Target:


Here’s a $1 off coupon for these bad boys: GE Printable Coupon

So here’s how we do this thang.


3 Embroidery Hoops
1 GE Energy Smart LED light bulb
1 light kit
Hot glue gun & glue
1 can spray paint (optional)


Separate Embroidery Hoops (now you have 6 hoops instead of 3, double the fun)

DIY Embriodery Hoop Chandelier directions -

Begin with larger hoops (the ones with the tightening mechanism) and place them one inside another creating a large orb.


Make sure you leave a space at the top for your light kit to fit into. This takes some finagling, but you can do it.


Once you get the hoops in the right place it kinda holds itself together. Gently slide the three smaller hoops into the orb you just created and rotate them inside the original orb until you have a placement you like.

Emroidery Hoop Chandelier -

Using your hot glue gun, secure the hoops where they naturally touch another hoop. Sometimes an intersection looks like it should touch but it doesn’t. Son’t force it. Just let it be, the hoops themselves like to hold onto one another.  Once it is all glued, insert your light kit and GE Energy Smart LED Bulb.

You can hang the orb with the light wood finish, which has a cool Swedish furniture vibe….

…or let your kid paint it…


…or spray paint it with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint for a look that matches the inspiration more closely.

Total hands on time is about 30 minutes, total drying time is about 30 minutes. In an hour you can have this hung in your home!

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Kitchen Banners

Sometimes I am uninspired in the kitchen, and the best way for me to get motivated to cook a healthy meal for my family is to spruce up my space. Being the creative gal I am I find that a handmade-something usually does the trick. My lil rental kitchen (read: hallway with a stove and sink in it) need something to brighten it up & I liked my illistyle birthday banner so much I made two kitchen banners because I cannot decide which I like the best:

Mangia Banner DIY -

Feast Kitchen Banner DIY -

Yes, I know they are similar, but the sentiments are different… so which do you like?

Click here for the tutorial

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DIY Owl Handwarmers

Baby, it’s cold outside! Unless you live in Southern California…  then it’s mild, but the closet we are going to get to “cold” so we make due with what we have and wear snow jackets in 50 degree weather. Either way, keep your hands toasty and warm with these cute DIY Owl-Shaped Handwarmers. They are perfect for the cold weather, look adorable, and make great last-minute stocking stuffers for guys & girls! DIY Owl Hand Warmers with PDF Pattern - DIY Owl Handwarmers

Supplies Needed

Short Grain Rice
Peppermint oil, or other scent you prefer (optional)
Flannel (1/4 yd will make approximately 12-14 owls/6-7 pairs)
Coordinating thread
Fabric Marker


*Optional: If scented rice is desired: Place rice and essential oil in air tight container, shake vigorously. Let sit 1-2 days.

Place flannel right sides facing.  Trace owl from printable PDF pattern provided here DIY Owl hand Warmers -

Cut out owls, keeping two pieces together, then flip so right sides face out. Sew Around edges, leaving bottom open. DIY Owl hand Warmers -

Fill with scented or unscented rice. Stitch bottom closed. DIY Owl hand Warmers -

Using a fabric marker, draw on big eyes and a beak. DIY Owl Handwarmers -

Give a pair as a gift.  Package as desired. Include instructions – Heat in microwave 1 minute and place in pockets to warm hands. DIY Owl Handwarmers -

I made these here little cuties as a baby shower favor. They were a total hit, here’s a picture text I received from one of the party-goers after she used the Owl Hand Warmers on her morning run when she was on vacation in Mammoth, CA: Owl Handwarmers DIY Gift -

If you like these little guys, then you are in luck! I have included the pattern free for personal use.   Download the printable PDF by clicking the owl template image below (template for personal use only): Printable Owl Pattern PDF -

Keep warm, crafters!

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Vote for your favorite Halloween Costume

Happy Monday, I thought we should start off the week right and get inspired for Halloween – DO YOU HAVE YOUR COSTUME YET? I don’t. Thankfully, the grandparents got Ava a REALLY cute ballerina costume, so shes covered, but hubby and I have been focused on other things. If you have been busy too and need some inspiration, check out the CUTE kids and MODEST adult costumes below – I love them. Please feel free to vote for your favorite, the winner gets a $25 Starbucks giftcard! If you entered this contest, you cannot vote for yourself – this is not a presidential election, sorry guys! Vote by hitting the “VOTE” button ABOVE your favorite so they can feel the love <3

Felt Animal Mask Printable Templates

Felt Animal Masks for everyone! After a number of requests, here they are: printable templates for my felt animal masks.

Animal Mask Printable Templates -


Click on the below images to open a new tab with the printable PDFs. They can also be found at:


fox mask printable template -

 Fox Mask Printable Template

deer raccoon mask printable template - Raccoon Mask Printable Template

owl mask printable template -

Owl Mask Printable Template

deer mask printable template -

Deer Mask Printable Template

These gems are for personal use only and may not be used for items that will be sold.

I would love to see your creations, my loves!

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Abominable Snow Man DIY Felt Snow Cones

I am so excited to partner with Pottery Barn Kids! Their kid’s stuff is always so cute and their Halloween Costumes do not disappoint. Check out the cuteness:

 super girl Pottery Barn Halloween Costume -

Where the Wild Things Are Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume -  Where the Wild Things Are Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume -

Last year little girl was an Indian Princess (check out the tutorial for the DIY tutu here) it was a bit of work. I am honestly thinking the pre-made costume is the way to go this year. Mama is so busy! But you guys know me. I can’t leave it at that…. there HAS to be a personal touch. So I made an accessory to go with the Abominable Snow(wo)man costume for Ava:

abominable snowman halloween costume Pottery Barn Kids -

and because she loves Monsters Inc I made her some “Snow Cones” to go with it:

DIY Felt Snowcone Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Accessory -

abominable snowman accessory PotteryBarn Kids costume -

I started by making large yellow pom poms.

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume accessory -

Then I used a wire brush to make them really fuzzy.

yellow snow cone Pottery Barn Kids Abominable Snowman Halloween costume accessory -

I then wrapped a Styrofoam cone in white felt.

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume DIY accessory -

 I applied fabric glue and secured the felt with a rubber band while the glue dried.

DIY Felt Snowcone Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Accessory -

 I cut the felt down and glued the brushed pom pom to the top of the Styrofoam cone. Ta-da! Felt Snowcone – “it’s lemon flavor.”

Everytime I think of the movie I laugh (in my head)

yellow snow monsters inc Pottery Barn Kids abominable snowman accessory -

image source

Do you make or buy your kids costumes?

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Thanks again to Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Little Girl’s 4th Birthday

My daughter just turned 4 and we celebrated all week long last week. From Disneyland on her actual birthday

Birthday at Disneyland -

to a party at the park last Saturday, we did it up right.  She had a very specific idea of what she wanted her party to look like. This was her request list:

-Pink, orange, yellow, and blue
-Party hats

She was very serious and had me write each item down on a list so I would not forget.  She knows me so well!

I think I fulfilled her heart’s desires with the little shindig we threw.  Here it is, what do you think?

girl birthday party favors -

girl birthday party table decor mason jar flowers unicorn head -

girl birthday party table decor mason jar flowers photos -

birthday table decor chalkboard trays -

birthday cupcake tower -

chalkboard tray gluten free cupcakes -

party hats table decor childs birthday -

child in party hat -

Monkey daddy hanging pom pom banner -

homemade pom pom garland -


family at birthday party -

Ava had a great time with all her friends and the adults loved the low key nature of the party. I think we even hit all the items on her list. Colors, check; Flowers, check; Party hats, check; Cupcakes, check; Balloons (not shown), check.  I even made some adorable little yarn pom pom garland in her colors for the party. My Monkey Husband climbed up the poles of the canopies that  were over the picnic tables at the park in order to hang them. He has legit skillz. The pom pom garland was a huge hit.

***We will be giving away a set of pom pom makers on later this week – Stay tuned!****

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Keep It Clean Gift

New Neighbor gift college gift keep it clean bucket -

You guys know that I am a sucker for a sweet little gift. Remember my “Stay Healthy” boxes from last fall? Well, I made another simple gift you can have on hand for a new neighbor, someone going off to college, or a friend about to make a move. I think that the official name for this will be my “Keep It Clean” bucket.

Here’s what you need to grab at the Target dollar spot:

Keep it clean bucket supplies -

Pretty dish gloves, some Meyers All Purpose cleaner, Clorox Wipes, a sponge, and some post-its.  These are essential to help those new neighbors feel like someone in their new community cares about them in their time of need… the cleaning supplies for obvious reasons, but the post-its too.  If you have ever moved you know that there seems to be this crazy list(s) of what you have to buy next time you go out. From reminders about lightbulbs to taking all those friends-who-helped-you-moved’s drink order for a run to the mini-mart, post-its are just a good idea.

Throw these babies in a dollar spot bucket and you have yourself a lovely little gift for under $8.

New Neighbor gift  Keep it clean bucket supplies -


Have you ever received a welcome gift? How did you feel?

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