Personalized Chalkboard Coasters + $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

If you are looking for an affordable personalized gift, these Personalized Chalkboard Coasters are a super fun choice.  I love being able to personalize gifts for those I love. I made these for a friend who has a witty sense of humor:

Chalkboard Coasters -

I got all the supplies at the Target Dollar Spot

Chalkboard Coasters -

And I simple chose my phrases and then typed the into a word processing program on my computer and found a font I like.  This font is “Jacques and Guilles.”  Then I wrote the phrases in a similar manner as to what I saw on the computer screen.  I love the end result:

Chalkboard Coasters -

These also make great place cards, like the ones I made for my Thanksgiving Table.  And they erase with a damp paper towel so you can write another witty phrase or friends name… or even a doodle if you have sweet free-hand drawing talent.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor -

These make great holiday or hostess gifts that anyone would like to receive and they are so easy to make! Who will you make some for?

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If you are looking for more easy handmade gifts, check out these other awesome bloggers:

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And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card! Simply enter via the rafflecopter below:

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DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Holders

DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Rings -

Yesterday I shared my $10 Thanksgiving Table Decor and today I am going to show you how to make these easy DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Holders to go on that table.  These are very easy, all you need is Sculpey Clay (or other oven back clay) in gold.

Wishbone Napkin Rings -

These come with break lines (as seen in photo above) so the clay is already separated into quarters.  Break off one quarter and seperate into thirds. *Tip: I used tissue paper to protect my work space as this clay can sometimes stick to hard surfaces.

Wishbone Napkin Rings -

Take one third and begin rolling into a ball

Wishbone Napkin Rings -

How to make wishbone napkin holders -

Then roll the ball on the into a “snake” and shape into an upside down “U”

How to make wishbone napkin holders -

Using one hand, pinch the top of the “U”

Wishbone napkin ring DIY -

Then pinch each tip at the bottom

Wishbone napkin ring DIY -

Make as many napkin holders as you need, then place a peice of tin foil on a baking sheet and lay out your wishbones.

How to make a wishbone napkin ring for thanksgiving -

Bake according to the package directions.  Allow to cool. Place on your table

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor -


How are you decorating your table this year?

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20 Minute Baby Dress Tutorial

 20 Minute Baby Dress -

My family are all currently awaiting a new arrival to our already crowded bunch. My cousin (grandchild #7) is expecting his first baby with his girlfriend – a girl and we are all super thrilled about it. Now that little Ella is due to make her arrival any day now I thought I’d share a few projects we’ve been working on for her, starting with this super gorgeous little shirred dress I whipped up in literally 20 minutes the other day. I’m in love with the gorgeous black and white stripes and with the ribbon ties it makes it super easy to put on and take off if by any chance Miss Ella decides to use it as a vomit rag. I also added a super cute sequin letter ‘E’ to the front which I’ve got listed as a new item in my shop available for purchase! (I’ve also got an exclusive illistyle deal below!)

Easy baby dress -

For this cute little dress I used what I already had on hand and it took me literally 20 minutes to make and I’ve got plenty of material left for more as well as lots of un-shirred knit for other projects!! For this dress I used pre-shirred knit/jersey but you could easily purchase some elastic thread and shirr your own but I’ve never quite gotten the hang of shirring and I wanted a quick and easy sewing project. Along with the knit/jersey, you’ll need some ribbon or fabric scraps for ties, pins and a sewing machine! It’s that simple – so let’s make ourselves a dress with this 20 Minute Baby Dress Tutorial!

You’ll need:

· Knit or jersey fabric
· Elastic thread (if your fabric isn’t pre-shirred)
· Ribbon or scrap fabric
· Item of similar sized clothing (to get the right size)
· Pins
· Scissors
· Sewing machine
· 20 minutes!

20 minute baby dress -

1. Start by laying your item of clothing down on your fabric. I used a little vest we picked up for Ella. Mark where the garment ends and fold it over so you have double thickness at the right size. Add 1 cm for seam allowance

20 minute baby dress -

2. Measure how long you want the dress to be. I based mine on the theory that most babies are 19-22 inches long and made mine 14.5 inches + 0.5 inches for seam allowance. Mark your measurements with a fabric marker or pins.

20 minute baby dress -

3. Cut out your fabric. Make sure your fabric is smooth and even.

20 minute baby dress -

4. Double fold your hem up and pin in place. Don’t pull or stretch the knit/jersey just work slowly and carefully. You can choose to leave the hem unfinished since knit doesn’t fray but as this was a gift I chose to hem for a more professional look.

20 minute baby dress -

5. Sew your hem, backstitching at the start and finish. Some tips for working with knit: don’t pull! Place your fabric under your machine foot and start sewing, let the machine move the fabric for you and just guide it in the right direction with your hand. And take your time! It doesn’t have to take exactly 20 minutes!!

20 minute baby dress -

6. Pin your fabric right sides together and sew down the edge. Make sure you backstitch at the start and finish.

20 minute baby dress -

7. Cut your ribbon. I chose to cut mine about 10 inches long but depending on the age you can make this longer or shorter. I would have probably made it a bit longer so that they can be tied in bows.

20 minute baby dress -

8. Pin your ribbon onto the tops of the dress, making sure you line them up on each side.

20 minute baby dress -

9. Sew in place. Backstitch over this a couple of times. Since this will be on the shirred section of the dress it doesn’t matter if the stitching is a little wonky as you won’t notice it with the shirring! Tie up your ties and YOU’RE DONE!!

20 Minute Baby Dress -

CONGRATULTIONS!! You just made yourself a pretty new dress! The great thing about this dress is that it is SO versatile – you can make it for any age, from newborn to adults and the process is exactly the same!! I hope you liked this tutorial and I’ll be back next month with another one – in the meantime feel free to pop on over to my blog and say hi! I’d love to have you over!!

- Danielle


Nautical Fall Mantel and Garland Tutorial

 Nautical Fall Mantel -

Happy October!!!! Let’s kick this month off with a little Fall Decor.  I created this Nautical Fall Mantel and Garland Tutorial for you guys.  I know you might be thinking… “Fall AND Nautical? What?” Lemme explain: I love nautical decor.  I love fall decor.  Some people think the two styles aren’t compatible … I beg to differ. Lots of natural woven elements, white, the boat paint-by-number, and the round mirror (think port hole) make it nautical.  Pumpkins, leaves, and black chevron say fall. The elements all work together because neither is over-emphasized.  Plus, white on white is dreamy, am I right?

Nautical Fall Mantel -

The woven Nautical ball garland is easy to make:

Fall Nautical Garland -


1 package Large Woven Balls (available at Michaels)
1 package Small/Medium Woven Balls (available at Michaels)
1 length thick Hemp (available at Amazon)
Thread (neutral color)

DIY Fall Nautical Garland -

Sew the woven balls onto the hemp. In order that the balls do not slip on the hemp, sew the balls to the hemp by pushing the needle through the hemp and then wrap the thread around the hemp.  This will ensure the balls will stay where you put them.

 Fall Nautical Garland Tutorial -

Pair the garland with white pumpkins, leaves, and anything white and you can call your fall mantel decor done for the season!

DIY Fall Nautical Garland -

What’s your design asthetic? Does Nautical + Fall work for you?

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DIY My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates

MLP DIY Masks with Printable Templates -

Hey yo to all the My Little Pony fans out there!  If you have ever dreamed of being Twilight Sparkle or any of her pony friends? Well, now you can!  I made these felt masks for Ava’s 5th birthday (if you wanna check out the other MLP crafts I made, check out this post.)  And because I L.O.V.E. love you guys, I made printable templates so that you can make them too! Check em out- DIY My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates (10/17/14 All Masks are viewing and printing correctly, please let us know if you experience any trouble and we will fix ASAP):


Twilight Sparkle DIY Mask and Printable Template -


MLP Mask Rainbow Dash Mask -


MLP Mask Pinkie Pie Mask -


MLP Fluttershy Mask -


Apple Jack My Little Pony Mask -


How to make a MLP Mask Rarity -


Felt in desired color (indicated by photos above)
Printable PDF of desired Pony Mask (available by clicking desired Pony Mask above)
Fabric Glue

Black Sharpie

General Directions:

1.Click on desired mask
2. Download PDF
3. Print PDF
4. Cut out peices
5. Using a pencil, trace around peices, onto felt
6. Using fabric glue, attach pieces to main mask
7. Using sharpie, draw on lashes as shown in photos above
8. Using glue, attach string
9. Wear with Pony Pride

All of the masks can work for kids and adults.  I realize that Rarity looks funky around the eyes in the photo above, if you are making the Rarity mask for an adult, please feel free to widen the eye holes in order to get your peripheral vision back.  Also, you will want to cut the top of Rainbow Dash’s head to connect to her ear (as shown), this will serve as the backing for her bangs. Trust me, it is a necessary thing.

All of these masks are free for personal use.
I would love to see the photos of your masks!
Tag @illistyle in your FB / Twitter / Instagram photos!

Who are you gonna be for Halloween?

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How to Make a Tissue Paper Tassel Banner

Hi guys! Welcome to day 3 of My Little Pony Week here on illistyle.  If you missed day 1 or 2 you can find them here and here. Today we are talking about how to make a tissue paper tassel banner like this one I made for Ava’s 5th birthday. This banner looks great and sis o so festive.  I have seen for sale online and in stores for sale for a LOT of your hard earned dollars… but why, when you can make so easily and tailor it exactly to your party’s color scheme/theme.  Here’s how we do it:

how to make a tissue paper tassel banner -

Tissue Paper in desired colors (3-4 is usually enough, unles syou want each one a diffrent color – which is cool too)

Instructions (to make one tassel):

1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and lay flat

2. Fold in half toward you

3. Fold in half to the left

4. Fold in half again to the left

5. Cut up the folded edge of tissue, stopping 1.5″-2″ from the top seam

6. Fold in half a third time to the left

7. Repeat Step 5

8. Cut line up the middle of the tissue, stopping 1.5″=2″ from top

9. Unfold tissue

10. Starting from the side, tightly roll the tissue along the middle (uncut) portion of tissue

11. With tissue in a cylinder shape with tassels at both ends, graps the tissue at top of each tassel and twist

12. As you twist the tissue a natural loop should form, go with that

13. Secrure loop by twistting tissue back on itself

14. Repeat as needed

15. Hang all tissue pompoms from a string

16. Get this party started

What colors would you use?

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(PS don’t forget, I will be back tomorrow with DIY Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos for you guys!)

My Little Pony Birthday Party

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic birthday party ideas -

Ava just turned 5. (Insert obligatory mommy freakout of “Where did the last 5 years go?”statement here.)  She has been WAY into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for well over 6 months.  If you have a 4 year old girl, you might want to jump on this train. It’s actually a pretty amazing show.  I love the message of friendship and all that entails: honesty, charity, and forgiveness. So Ava wanted a My Little Pony Birthday Party, and that’s what she got! Check out all the fun things we did, and the things I made THEN stay tuned throughout the week for tutorials on each, cuz you know I love you. (FYI some links maybe be affiliate, cuz I know you love me.)


My Little Pony Happy Birthday Banner (with cut files)

My Little Pony Happy Birthday Banner with free silhouette and cricut cut files -


DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland & Giant Confetti

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland -


DIY Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos

How to make My Little Pony Cutie Mark Temp Tattoos -

DIY My Little Pony Masks with printable templates

 My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates -

We also had super cute MLP items that I bought… cuz mama can’t make everything. Am I right? Here’s some other cuteness:

My Little Pony Cupcake Rings


Pin The Cutie Mark on the Pony Game

My Little Pony inspired Friendship Bracelets (All supplies available at Michales)
MLP Friendship Bracelets -
Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Chalk -

It was a great day.  Gluten Free Cupcakes, kids running everywhere + making a huge mess. Toys, games, rings, temporary tattoos, masks. Pony EVERYTHING.  Hasbro even sent over a special gift from Princess Celestia herself. Totally the highlight of Ava’s life right there.

It was a blessing to have a home large enough to hold all those people (large + small) and to be together having a great time. If you are wondering why there are no photos of the actual party, it is because I consciously chose not to take photos of the party itself. I wanted to be present with my daughter, family, + friends.  I did all this work because I wanted my little one to have a memorable birthday, but I know that if I were MIA the whole day taking photos or staging photos… that is what she would remember. Her feeling loved and celebrated was the point of the day and having Mommy missing would not accomplish that goal. So, I sacrificed a few blog photos in order to give her the love and attention she deserved on her special day.


Are you a MLP fan? A Brony?

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DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift Idea

 DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

Happy Monday! If you enjoyed Friday’s Back To School Party with the Caffeinated Crafters, that’s good, because I am back with more school-related stuff :) Don’t shoot the messenger, but tick-tock loves, the school year is about to start, yikes!  If you are wondering what to get the new teacher, I have a cute tutorial for you with this DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift Idea


1 – small chalkboard (this is the one shown, $2 at Michaels!)
1 – wooden, pre-painted apple shape (again, Michaels, $0.98!)
3 – No.2 Pencils (Sharpened to proper lengths to fit as shown)
Ribbon (1-2 designs)
Tape (Washi/Masking/cello)
Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -



1. Remove existing black string from chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

2. Position first ribbon across the top of chalkboard, covering the pre-drilled holes that the original black string hung from.  Use tape (washi/masking/whatever you have on hand) to hold the ribbon in position.

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

 3. Flip chalkboard over and hot glue the ends to back of board.  Secure the second ribbon to the back of board just outside the existing pre-drilled holes, again, use the glory that is hot glue.  Once dry, flip to front and remove tape.

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

4. Sharpen pencils to appropriate lengths to fit on chalk board

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

 5. Using hot glue, secure pencils and pre-painted apple as shown below.

Back to School DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

6. And ta-da! You now have a super cute DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift for the first day of school!

Back to School DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -



DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

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