DIY My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates

MLP DIY Masks with Printable Templates -

Hey yo to all the My Little Pony fans out there!  If you have ever dreamed of being Twilight Sparkle or any of her pony friends? Well, now you can!  I made these felt masks for Ava’s 5th birthday (if you wanna check out the other MLP crafts I made, check out this post.)  And because I L.O.V.E. love you guys, I made printable templates so that you can make them too! Check em out- DIY My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates: (09/28/14 9am PST: *For mobile + iPad Users, it has come to our attention that the PDF display is not showing correctly, but no fear, it will print correctly… we are working on fixing the preview for you ASAP. For computer users, no worries, you preview is correct.)


Twilight Sparkle DIY Mask and Printable Template -


MLP Mask Rainbow Dash Mask -


MLP Mask Pinkie Pie Mask -


MLP Fluttershy Mask -


Apple Jack My Little Pony Mask -


How to make a MLP Mask Rarity -


Felt in desired color (indicated by photos above)
Printable PDF of desired Pony Mask (available by clicking desired Pony Mask above)
Fabric Glue

Black Sharpie

General Directions:

1.Click on desired mask
2. Download PDF
3. Print PDF
4. Cut out peices
5. Using a pencil, trace around peices, onto felt
6. Using fabric glue, attach pieces to main mask
7. Using sharpie, draw on lashes as shown in photos above
8. Using glue, attach string
9. Wear with Pony Pride

All of the masks can work for kids and adults.  I realize that Rarity looks funky around the eyes in the photo above, if you are making the Rarity mask for an adult, please feel free to widen the eye holes in order to get your peripheral vision back.  Also, you will want to cut the top of Rainbow Dash’s head to connect to her ear (as shown), this will serve as the backing for her bangs. Trust me, it is a necessary thing.

All of these masks are free for personal use.
I would love to see the photos of your masks!
Tag @illistyle in your FB / Twitter / Instagram photos!

Who are you gonna be for Halloween?

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How to Make a Tissue Paper Tassel Banner

Hi guys! Welcome to day 3 of My Little Pony Week here on illistyle.  If you missed day 1 or 2 you can find them here and here. Today we are talking about how to make a tissue paper tassel banner like this one I made for Ava’s 5th birthday. This banner looks great and sis o so festive.  I have seen for sale online and in stores for sale for a LOT of your hard earned dollars… but why, when you can make so easily and tailor it exactly to your party’s color scheme/theme.  Here’s how we do it:

how to make a tissue paper tassel banner -

Tissue Paper in desired colors (3-4 is usually enough, unles syou want each one a diffrent color – which is cool too)

Instructions (to make one tassel):

1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and lay flat

2. Fold in half toward you

3. Fold in half to the left

4. Fold in half again to the left

5. Cut up the folded edge of tissue, stopping 1.5″-2″ from the top seam

6. Fold in half a third time to the left

7. Repeat Step 5

8. Cut line up the middle of the tissue, stopping 1.5″=2″ from top

9. Unfold tissue

10. Starting from the side, tightly roll the tissue along the middle (uncut) portion of tissue

11. With tissue in a cylinder shape with tassels at both ends, graps the tissue at top of each tassel and twist

12. As you twist the tissue a natural loop should form, go with that

13. Secrure loop by twistting tissue back on itself

14. Repeat as needed

15. Hang all tissue pompoms from a string

16. Get this party started

What colors would you use?

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(PS don’t forget, I will be back tomorrow with DIY Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos for you guys!)

My Little Pony Birthday Party

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic birthday party ideas -

Ava just turned 5. (Insert obligatory mommy freakout of “Where did the last 5 years go?”statement here.)  She has been WAY into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for well over 6 months.  If you have a 4 year old girl, you might want to jump on this train. It’s actually a pretty amazing show.  I love the message of friendship and all that entails: honesty, charity, and forgiveness. So Ava wanted a My Little Pony Birthday Party, and that’s what she got! Check out all the fun things we did, and the things I made THEN stay tuned throughout the week for tutorials on each, cuz you know I love you. (FYI some links maybe be affiliate, cuz I know you love me.)


My Little Pony Happy Birthday Banner (with cut files)

My Little Pony Happy Birthday Banner with free silhouette and cricut cut files -


DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland & Giant Confetti

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland -


DIY Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos

How to make My Little Pony Cutie Mark Temp Tattoos -

DIY My Little Pony Masks with printable templates

 My Little Pony Masks with Printable Templates -

We also had super cute MLP items that I bought… cuz mama can’t make everything. Am I right? Here’s some other cuteness:

My Little Pony Cupcake Rings


Pin The Cutie Mark on the Pony Game

My Little Pony inspired Friendship Bracelets (All supplies available at Michales)
MLP Friendship Bracelets -
Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Chalk -

It was a great day.  Gluten Free Cupcakes, kids running everywhere + making a huge mess. Toys, games, rings, temporary tattoos, masks. Pony EVERYTHING.  Hasbro even sent over a special gift from Princess Celestia herself. Totally the highlight of Ava’s life right there.

It was a blessing to have a home large enough to hold all those people (large + small) and to be together having a great time. If you are wondering why there are no photos of the actual party, it is because I consciously chose not to take photos of the party itself. I wanted to be present with my daughter, family, + friends.  I did all this work because I wanted my little one to have a memorable birthday, but I know that if I were MIA the whole day taking photos or staging photos… that is what she would remember. Her feeling loved and celebrated was the point of the day and having Mommy missing would not accomplish that goal. So, I sacrificed a few blog photos in order to give her the love and attention she deserved on her special day.


Are you a MLP fan? A Brony?

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DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift Idea

 DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

Happy Monday! If you enjoyed Friday’s Back To School Party with the Caffeinated Crafters, that’s good, because I am back with more school-related stuff :) Don’t shoot the messenger, but tick-tock loves, the school year is about to start, yikes!  If you are wondering what to get the new teacher, I have a cute tutorial for you with this DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift Idea


1 – small chalkboard (this is the one shown, $2 at Michaels!)
1 – wooden, pre-painted apple shape (again, Michaels, $0.98!)
3 – No.2 Pencils (Sharpened to proper lengths to fit as shown)
Ribbon (1-2 designs)
Tape (Washi/Masking/cello)
Hot Glue Gun (not shown)

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -



1. Remove existing black string from chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

2. Position first ribbon across the top of chalkboard, covering the pre-drilled holes that the original black string hung from.  Use tape (washi/masking/whatever you have on hand) to hold the ribbon in position.

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

 3. Flip chalkboard over and hot glue the ends to back of board.  Secure the second ribbon to the back of board just outside the existing pre-drilled holes, again, use the glory that is hot glue.  Once dry, flip to front and remove tape.

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

4. Sharpen pencils to appropriate lengths to fit on chalk board

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

 5. Using hot glue, secure pencils and pre-painted apple as shown below.

Back to School DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

6. And ta-da! You now have a super cute DIY Chalkboard Teacher’s Gift for the first day of school!

Back to School DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -



DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Gift Idea -

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 BTS Fashion Dress   Win a Trip to Paris Sweepstakes -   Vintage School House supplies on esty -

Back to School Fashion & Giveaway   Win a Trip to Paris!   Vintage School Supplies


Tie One On for Your Birthday (Hair Tie Gift with Free Printable)

I’m excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends, including my Tie One On for Your Birthday (Hair Tie Gift with Free Printable). I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be sure to check out her Party.

I love these fold over elastic hair ties and I am sharing this simple gift idea:

hair tie gift idea with free printable -

Did you catch my oh-so-funny pun in there? “Tie one one,” get it? (For those of you who are like, “uh, no I don’t get it…” lemme ‘splain: “Tie one on” is a term that means “to get drunk” but we are using it to refer to hair ties instead. So if you are giving this to a friend who doesn’t drink, this might not make sense to them.  This is a good gift for a drinker or non-drinker to give to a friend who drinks.)

This is an easy gift that can be pre-made so you have it on hand. I got these specific hair ties at Target but you can get the original Emi-Jay brand here.  I made the printable in 3 different sizes and 10 diffrent color-ways so you can find the one that works for your hair ties.

Click on any of the following colors to be taken to that free PDF printable:

Grey (shown above)
Light Blue

As for the other creative ideas, a lot of these gifts are versatile for any occasion, and can be a to gift to your friends, family, or even that gal that you’d like to get to know better. Even more fabulous–most gifts are under $5, and have coordinating printables to make it super simple!

101 Birthday Ideas for Friends

{Blog Hop Birthday designs by C {dot} love}

Are you ready for some inspiration? Join in on the BLOG HOP! Click on each of links below each collage to see the gift idea and printable closer, along with instructions on how to make them, like mine above. I like to open a bunch of new tabs, and Pin my favorites for later. Don’t forget to follow the Birthday Gift Ideas Pinterest Board as well, to save future great ideas.

>>>>>>>Important info! Blog Hops often have glitches the first day. If the link has an ERROR, simply click on the HOME button for each site, or google the blog name next to the link, and you should see their gift post there. Links will be updated as soon as possible.<<<<<<<<<<<<

free printable blog hop

1. Birthday Balloon Gift + matching free Print by Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke
2. Stamped Cocktail Napkin + Printable by Delineate Your Dwelling
3. Buckets of Fun gift idea+Free Printable by Craftiness is Not Optional
4. 7 Candy Bar Love Notes to say “Happy Birthday” by The Dating Divas
5. Have a Flippin’ Awesome Birthday by Dessert Now Dinner Later
6. Fishtail Loom Bracelet by I Should Be Mopping the Floor
7. Lemonade Lip Balm by Pretty Handy Girl
8. Hair Tie Birthday Gift & Printable Tag by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home
9. Gift of Sunshine Idea + Free Printable by Sweet Charli
10. I hope your birthday is a whole “lotto” fun by C.R.A.F.T.
11. Chicken Spice Rub w/ Printable Tags by Over the Big Moon
12. Birthday in a Bag Gift Idea by Seven Thirty Three
13. Quick Note for your Birthday Printable by Liz on Call
14. Otter Pop Gift with Printable Gift Tag by Somewhat Simple
15. {you} Series Magnets Printable by Ruffles and Rain Boots
16. Tea Cup Succulent by Your Homebased Mom
17. Pretty Pincushion + Printable by Let’s Eat Grandpa
18. Lemon Bath Salts & Free Printable by See Vanessa Craft
19. Diet Coke Birthday Kit by Pink Peppermint Prints
20. Chocolate Filled Insulated Tumbler Gift by The Girl Who Ate Everything

free printables blog hop

21. Easy Funfetti Cake Balls with Printable by Salt and Pepper Moms
22. Hands Down Best Friend Around by Eighteen25
23. Berry Happy Birthday Printable by Stuffed Suitcase
24. Whisk Birthday Gift with Free Printable by Cupcake Diaries
25. Paper Plate Gift Idea by Crafting in the Rain
26. Popcorn Gift Printable by Breezy Bakes
27. Life Saver: Birthday Gift in a Jar by Here Comes the Sun
28. Decoupage Wooden Pendant by Twin Dragonfly Designs
29. Have a coffee on me: Funky Coasters by Funky Junk Interiors
30. Swanky Black & Gold Cosmetic Bag by A Prudent Life
31. DIY cocktail napkins by kojodesigns
32. Nail Polish Gift by Southern Hospitality
33. Banana Cake by Whats Cooking with Ruthie
34. Paparazzi – the PERFECT friend gift by Sugar Bee Crafts
35. “latte” fun birthday gift by Our Thrifty Ideas
36. Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes + Printable by Tastes Better from Scratch
37. Pearls are Always Appropriate by Mommy Envy
38. Girls Just Want to Have Fun Birthday Gift by A Little Tipsy
39. Manicure Kit Birthday Gift with Printable by Blooming Homestead
40. Orange you Glad Cup by Artsy Fartsy Mama

free printables

41. Donut Gift Tag by Pretty Providence
42. Rainbow Inspired Birthday Gift + Printable by Thirty Handmade Days
43. Drink Topper and Tag by LandeeLu
44. DIY Bath Salts using Essential Oils by Unskinny Boppy
45. Friends are Like Chocolate Chips by Delightful Deets
46. Paint Can Succulent Planters by East Coast Creative
47. A Bundt Cake Gift & Printable by Dukes and Duchesses
48. Jam Birthday Gift & Printable by Happiness is Homemade
49. Jazzed up Frames by House for Five
50. Favorite Things Gift Ideas by inkhappi
51. Toe-tally Cool Nail Polish Gift Idea + Free Printable by Simply Designing with Ashley
52. Quote Book by Reasons to Skip the Housework
53. Iron On T-Shirt Gift by Becoming Martha
54. DIY Humorous Girlfriend Gift by Brassy Apple
55. Tea-riffic Birthday Gift Idea & Printable by Mom Endeavors
56. Turn Today Into A Celebration by Dolen Diaries
57. You’re A Lifesaver Printable by Live Laugh Rowe
58. Happy Birthday Jar {free printable} by Kiki and Company
59. Mason Jar Flower Vase + Printable by R & R Workshop
60. Easy $5 Wooden Charm Bracelet by Craftily Ever After


free printables

61. Polka Dot Mason Jar Vase by The Cards We Drew
62. Free Printable Mini Notes by Confetti Sunshine
63. Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts by Tried and True
64. Ball Jar Printable Tags by The Country Chic Cottage
65. Eat More Cake Birthday Gift Idea and Printable by Play. Party. Pin.
66. Have a “berry” happy birthday by The Contractor Chronicles
67. Merci Chocolates + Hey Birthday Girl french girl printable by Handmade in the Heartland
68. Five Minute Leather Necklace Tutorial + Birthday printables by Delia Creates
69. Ah-Mason Birthday Gift Idea by Lolly Jane
70. Simple Dangle Earring Tutorial by Bombshell Bling
71. Symphony Bar Brownies by Among the Young
72. Wishing you an E “straw” diary Birthday by Ginger Snap Crafts
73. DIY Washi Tape Cacti by Fry Sauce and Grits
74. State Pride Cheese Board by Addicted to DIY
75. Reusable Monogrammed Solo Cup by Mom 4 Real
76. go-to gift…EARRINGS! by A Girl and A Glue Gun
77. Embroidered Mixed Media Bookmarkers by The Creative Goddess
78. Beyond Measure Birthday Printable by Like Mother Like Daughter
79. Birthday Facial Kit Gift by The Benson Street
80. DIY Jewelry Bookmark by Design Dazzle

blog hop free printables

81. Birthday in a Jar – Birthday Printable Tags by A Pumpkin and a Princess
82. Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Party Cookies by Crazy Little Projects
83. You are the Bee’s Knees by Love the Day
84. Birthday Candy Jar by Inside BruCrew Life
85. Hip Hip Hooray, today is your birthday!” printables by The Crafted Sparrow
86. Treat Yo Self Printable by Girl Loves Glam
87. Chocolate Facial with printable by TidyMom
88. Happy Birthday Sweets by A Night Owl
89. Quick & Easy Hydrangea Cake by Sweet C’s Designs
90. Sweets for the Sweet by Simply Kierste
91. Citrus Whipped Honey Butter Jars by Sand and Sisal
92. Diet Coke Gift for a Friend with Printable by Sweet Treats and More
93. A Latte for Two + printables by One Krieger Chick
94. Cookie Monster Birthday Gift Tag by I’m Topsy Turvy
95. Root Beer Float Cake in a Jar by Giggles Galore
96. Treat Yo’Self Printable Watercoloring Box by Persia Lou
97. Fruity Body Scrub with Printable by Mad in Crafts
98. Magnetic Necklace Charm by Sowdering About
99. Happy Bee Day with Printable by Just Another Day in Paradise
100. Manicure in a Jar by That’s What {Che} Said…
101. UBER lucky to have you in my Life by Maybe I Will
102. Free Happy Birthday Printable by NoBiggie
103. DIY Wine Bag & Charms Gift by Sypsie Designs
104. Crispy Crunch-y Pie with Printable by Just Rhonda
105. “You’re the Silver Lining” Friendship Nail Polish Gift by The Happy Housie
106. Tie One On for Your Birthday (Hair Tie Gift Free Printable) by illistyle

Did you have a gift idea that stuck out to you? Go ahead and visit your favorites and let them know you love it!

Follow Capturing Joy with Kristen’s board Birthday Gift Ideas on Pinterest.

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Free Printable bible verse Psalm 33:4 -   How to Hang Cafe Patio Lights -   summer cabin style -

Free Printable Psalm 33 Watercolor   How to Install Cafe Lights   Summer Cabin Mood Board

Framed Family Tree

Family Tree Print

Hi everyone, I am Danielle from Glitter Bug Blog I’m so excited to be posting my first tutorial as an illistyle contributor!! Today I’m sharing my Framed Family Tree project I completed for my mum as a Mother’s Day gift (which I paired with a portrait of my brother, myself and our 3 dogs and a beautiful giant Chrysanthemum plant). I have been wanting to do a family tree for some time as I wanted it to take center stage in our yet to be established lounge room gallery wall but with a large family on my maternal side I was struggling with ideas. I found this family tree download on Martha Stewart and decided to have a go.

Family Tree Print

I absolutely love how this Framed Family Tree turned out and my favorite part is that it cost me $0.10 to make!! I already had all the supplies on hand so all I needed to do was have the tree printable enlarged and it all came together fairly quickly. My mum loved how it turned out and I love the simplicity of it. So let’s make ourselves a Framed Family Tree – for 10 cents!!

You’ll need:

Martha Stewart Tree Print (enlarged to A3 size, which is a US Tabloid 11″x16″ )x
A3 size photo frame
Double sided tape
PVA glue
Thin paint brush
Glitter (optional but I think it adds a special touch)

Step 1:
Start by printing the Martha Stewart tree onto A4 (standard US Letter 8.5″ x 11″) paper and having it enlarged to an A3 size (or whatever size you please)

Family Tree Print 

Step 2:
In Mircosoft Word (or any document program) type each member of your family in your desired font and size.
Include the family name and ‘Established’ year in a fancier script. Print onto cardstock and cut neatly into small rectangles. (I found it easier to arrange the names into their appropriate family groups. I was also worried I wouldn’t have enough room to do everyone separately so I grouped couples together to save space.)

Family Tree Print

Step 3:
Squeeze a small amount of glue onto some scrap paper (paper plate etc.) and using your thin brush a light coat onto a few leaves sporadically all over the tree with the glue. Sprinkle with glitter and dust off. I used silver and black glitter so I did each color separately to avoid mixing the excess.

Family Tree Print

Step 4:
Cut a small square of double sided tape onto the back of your names. I used a large strip for the Established & Family name square but strips half that size for everything else. (please ignore my orange backed card – desperate times ;)

Family Tree Print

Step 5:
Arrange your names on your tree but don’t remove the backing paper yet! Group them together in their appropriate families. Once you’re happy with how it looks, remove the backing paper and carefully stick them to the tree.

Family Tree Print

Step 6:
Place in your frame and enjoy!

Family Tree Print

I love how easy this project was and I was even more pleased at the cost. If you didn’t have the supplies on hand then I would estimate that this would cost you about $10, but even still that is a great price for such a personal item. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’ve loved being over here on illistyle and I can’t wait to be back next month. Feel free to stop by my blog Glitter Bug anytime I’d love to have you.

I also wanted to take a minute to share a fun little treat for the illistyle readers. If you’ve been by my blog before you’ll probably know I opened my own Etsy store; Dear Chantilly selling handmade accessories a few months back and have been filling it up with lots of great goodies the past few weeks. With the 4th of July coming up next month I wanted to give my American peeps (I’m Australian) a little discount code so you can stock up on some pretty accessories for yourself, your daughter/s or nieces for the upcoming festivities or for any other occasion!
Use the code: JULY4TH to get 15% off your order. This special code runs from 11th of June 2014 until the 18th of June 2014. In order to receive your items in time for the 4th of July.

 photo http---signaturesmylivesignaturecom-54492-72-1B3F8386394C104CE312171E1E563EA4_zps5c57771f.png

Pineapple Cross Stitch with Free Printable Pattern

Cross Stitch Pattern Free PDF Pineapple Printable -

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We got the house 90% unpacked and put away! Yep, after 9 days we are almost completely unpacked. But I know it is that last 10% that can drag on for eternity… so let’s pray we can get that done before Summer Camp starts (less than 2 weeks!) and we move up the mountain. Seriously, I need prayer for that. Boxes stress me out.

I can say that the studio is moments from being up and running. The poor baby has been in boxes for YEARS – literally. So much got packed when we moved to Roatan, then that collection was never unpacked, only added to when we lived in the One Bedroom Apartment.  And those items got multiplied when we were in the Two Bedroom Rental.

During that year and a half the studio functioned out of canvas bags that held individual projects.  That way when I was working at the dining table, I could easily sweep everything into a bag and hang on the back of the dining chair so we could have meals.  THen it was right there when I wanted to bring it back out.  The problem was that the items got put into the bags and then I had like 6 bags worth of stuff and I never knew where my sewing scissors where, or my threads, or my markers, or anything really.

So when I unpacked the studio I was literally unpacking bags and bags of goods.  It was like Christmas (if Christmas gifts were delivered in Trader Joe’s Reusable Bags.) But I did run across a project I haven’t shared with you:

Pineapple Cross Stitch Free Printable PDF -

This little tiny beauty is so sweet.  Pineapples are the international symbol of hospitality.  And though I am, sadly, allergic to raw pineapple, I love what they symbolize and since they are tropical they are right up my Caribbean-living-and-loving alley.

I even made you a little Pineapple Cross Stitch Free PDF Pattern for personal use. (Click on image for Printable PDF version)

Pineapple Cross Stitch Pattern -

I am fairly new to cross stitch, but I did make these little cross stitch sunnies with puff paint that you should totally check out.

Are you a cross stitcher? Any tips of tricks for a newbie like me?

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Cross Stitch Sunglasses with puff paint -   Kitchen granite counters -  Hot Pink Closet -

Cross Stitch Sunnies   New Kitchen & House Tour   Pink Closet, um, yeah.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Faux Metal Orb Chandelier with LED Power

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its

Guys! Ahhhh. I am so excited to share this with you. I have been wanting to create this piece for sooooo long.  I got the idea by seeing all the gorgeous metal orb chandeliers on the market lately.  Now you can have one too and for less than $30! It was easier than I thought it would be. No joke. I thought, “this will be so easy.” And then I made it. And I thought, “Fool! Why did you wait so long?! That was SO SUPER EASY!” These are the thoughts I have. This is what goes on in my head.  BTW, my self esteem is fine after that low blow I delivered after the project was finished.  But check out how easy this.  If you have been wanting one of these, now is the time to DIY one of these gorgeous light fixtures.  As a note: please for the love of all, make sure you use a LED power bulb that stays cool to the touch.  This light fixture is made with wood…. it could be flammable. Let’s be safe, k?  Plus, 1 Super Bright LED power bulb can last as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs. So you save money too.  This is the bulb I used, it has a soft white light and not that creepy kinda-orangey-but-sort-blue color you get from other LEDs which makes my skin crawl. Win win win.

Embroidery Hoop Chandelier LED Bulb -


I found it at everyone’s fav store, Target:


Here’s a $1 off coupon for these bad boys: GE Printable Coupon

So here’s how we do this thang.


3 Embroidery Hoops
1 GE Energy Smart LED light bulb
1 light kit
Hot glue gun & glue
1 can spray paint (optional)


Separate Embroidery Hoops (now you have 6 hoops instead of 3, double the fun)

DIY Embriodery Hoop Chandelier directions -

Begin with larger hoops (the ones with the tightening mechanism) and place them one inside another creating a large orb.


Make sure you leave a space at the top for your light kit to fit into. This takes some finagling, but you can do it.


Once you get the hoops in the right place it kinda holds itself together. Gently slide the three smaller hoops into the orb you just created and rotate them inside the original orb until you have a placement you like.

Emroidery Hoop Chandelier -

Using your hot glue gun, secure the hoops where they naturally touch another hoop. Sometimes an intersection looks like it should touch but it doesn’t. Don’t force it. Just let it be, the hoops themselves like to hold onto one another.  Once it is all glued, insert your light kit and GE Energy Smart LED Bulb.

You can hang the orb with the light wood finish, which has a cool Swedish furniture vibe….

…or let your kid paint it…


…or spray paint it with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint for a look that matches the inspiration more closely.

Total hands on time is about 30 minutes, total drying time is about 30 minutes. In an hour you can have this hung in your home!

creative lifestyle blogger southern caifornia -

This is a sponsored post on behalf of #Collective Bias and GE Energy Smart Bulbs #LEDSavings

 GE Lighting: Facebook  +  Twitter  +  Instagram  +  Website

DIY Spring English Garden Wreath -   Neutral Family Bath -   miscarriage-main-image

Spring Wreath  Neutral Family Bath  Our Miscarriage