Sad face, last day for Made In Roatan

April at Made In Roatan

Me (on left) with new friends (honeymooners from the cruise ship!) at Made In Roatan

Rough time for me and all the artists and vendors that depend on Port of Roatan (the cruise ship dock) for their livelihood.  Port of Roatan is official closed until November. No more cruise ships will be coming into port. This means that anyone who depended on the cruise ship tourism (read: North Americans spending $$$) will have to find other work until November.  That is especially heart-breaking for me as I volunteered at Made In Roatan (  This is an awesome artist co-op that supports local artists and their families by showcasing their work in the shop.  I LOVED working with the visitors who came into Made In Roatan, getting to know them and helping them find unique, handmade pieces for themselves or loved ones, but more than that I loved helping the artists, knowing that the necklace/ magnet/ painting that was sold translated into dinner on the table that night for the artist’s family.

Now that the shop is closed we are looking for other avenues to present the artists’ creations. If you want to learn more, help support, or are just plain curious about Made In Roatan, please visit our website : If you, your organization, or your church host craft fairs, world focus events, or missions conferences and would like to show case Roatan and the work being done, please go to the site and contact Bob & Debi Cowan. If you own a retail store and would like to start carrying specific items from the website, again, Bob & Debi would love to talk more with you! Thank you for helping the people of Roatan!